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Allegheny Power / didn't read meter, now have $6,855.oo bill

1 Parkersburg, WV, United States

Here's one for you. I pay my bill every month and this months bill said I owe $6, 855.00. I called thinking this was a mistake and they said that it was correct because they hadn't read the meter since October, 2008!!! No call or letter in the last 15 months to tell us they hadn't read the meter or that we needed to read it. When I asked what they could do, since obviously my 2-3 hundred dollar monthly payments haven't offset this, i got a big fat nothing. We live in a 3 bedroom house, always keep everything off as much as possible, heat and air low, etc. This is crazy. Called the Public Service Commission to see how this could possibly be correct. Haven't heard from them yet. I mean seriously, how can a house, not a business, use that much above and beyond what the monthly estimated bills were for just 12 months. Mind you, the resason they said they couldn't was because of a dog. Well, we have four dogs but are kept inside when are not at home. So that reason doesn't work either. This is very upsetting and I've been hearing lots of stories about how they work. Very scary since we obviously need electric. Waiting to see what the Public Service Commission finds out.

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