Allegheny Powerbad customer service


My electric service was shut off today. All for a past due payment of 78.00 that I never received a bill for, nor did I receive a shut off notice for.

Allegheny Power said that they haven't received anything returned so they assume that I just havn't paid it. They want a 40.00 reconnect fee and want to make me wait 3 days for them to turn it back on.

I understand that this is not a normal situation. Basically the Post Office was returning all my mail addressed to my home address and post office box for four weeks. This has caused numerous issues with packages and bills being overdue or returned.

My complaint is that

A) Allegheny Power does not show my mail as being returned when I know it was. The dates my mail was being returned started and ended during the time that those pieces of mail were sent.

B) No supervisor is available to talk to for 48 hours through Allegheny Power. Whatever numbskull thought that was a great idea for customer service needs to loose his job since this change was implemented in May. The customer service reps cannot do anything to help the customers. That is why supervisors are available. Even the call center employees agree that this is a rediculous policy. Change it.

C) The fact that it will take 3 days to come out to restore service.

D) that these people told me to call my doctor to get a note to turn service back on because I am pregnant, when in fact it is ILLEGAL for my doctor to do that unless someone in my home is on life support. Train your reps for proper response.

E) that no contact was made via a correct phone number to tell me I owed them a measly 60.00. I've been trying to get the phone number corrected that has not been in use for almost a year now.

F) That a company will disconnect service, that is a monthly requirement for anyone living in the us for being less than 30 days behind in a payment and for such a small amount. they even admitted that my reconnect fee wasn't even enough to cover the cost for them to disconnect/re-connect, so what was the point in doing it for such a small amount of money anyway?

Some may not view this as a legitimate complaint and may say "well, just pay your bill". Trust me, I would have if I would have been contacted at the right phone number when the mail was not delivered to me. Allegheny Powers new policy of making the customer wait for 2 days to speak to someone is absolutely absurd and is in no way considered customer service. Just because they realize that people have to have their service since we cannot obviously pick who we want to use as our electric company, they feel that they can treat us however they want, whenever they want.

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