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I ordered 2 pair of shoes from store SHOOFOO guangli liu Country/Region: China (Mainland) Website:
I paid for 10 to 15 day shipping. Right before the deadline to ship a tracking number is available and it is not for my method chosen, I contacted the seller about it and he claimed it was 2 different packages BUT so I paid for both to be shipped, Then I follow the tracking and it is in the UK. OMG I am in Texas. He claimed it was an error and sends a way bill DHL. Ok package arrived but NOT the color I ordered on the sandal, the size and anatomy of the straps on the sandal fit my calf but flopped around my ankle. The second par of shoes were a mess too, One shoe 1.5cm to 2cm longer than the other and so wide they were boats. I thought this purchase would be safe because the store refund policy posted. NOPE! Ship it back I refund you crap. $50 to ship back is the BS way they keep part of your money. Because the dispute never leaves the seller with nothing. It is a SELLER protection as long as WE get something they keep money. I also learned that sellers can manipulate the feedback left by buyers. So the feedback scores that have you buying is actually adjusted by the sellers, and they can even erase the transactions. I left feedback for March 2016 and the seller deleted the transaction and feedback like it never happened. So you are gambling with every purchase basically. But I must say this seller is reckless in your face with it, with the I put you on blacklist crap. Its almost funny if I wasnt out of $76. I filed a report with the FTC but whatever. I thought it would be safe since the company went public in the US but NOPE. No more China buys for me.


Apr 06, 2016
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  • Da
      Apr 12, 2016

    Hi there, sorry to hear that.
    AliExpress provides 24*7 online support, it's easy to reach:

    1.If you are using pc, please use this link:

    2.If you are using cell phone, please use this link:

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