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I was sent fake pokemon cards, I waited two +weeks, when I got a refund after a couple days, the store owner sends me a message saying "[censor] you, [censor].
When speaking with costumer service she sent me a link to file a complaint
But there is no way to complain about what happened to me, so when I ask for head office she said there is none, I ask for a number to call, she says there is none, I asked a couple times for help and was lied to.
I can't believe apple would do this to there costumers, let them be treated this way.
I honestly don't know if I can even trust apple products anymore.

If apple doesn't turf this app and any ties id like to have people come together to deal with it in the courts,
Constant scams and fake items,
They steal other companies products and buyers.
Hey don't have licenses for have the stuff they sell.


Jun 21, 2017

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