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Alarm Force One / installation, customer service and billing

1 United States

This is the first time in my 36 years on this earth that I have ever been so disgusted with a company that I have taken the time to figure out how to post a poor review and WARN people what they are dealing with. The system their technicians installed had issues from day 1. After multiple phone conversations with IT to troubleshoot issues (and many after hold times as much as 15-20 minutes long), as well as 3 service calls where I had to take time off work to meet with the service tech, it was finally determined that the system had "interference". I was point blank informed by the last technician that the system never should have been installed as it was, as the distance from the keypad and the main box was too far. Anyway...after hours...and I mean HOURS of discussing the issue with IT, then the customer NO SERVICE representatives and finally the manager, we concluded it best to have the system removed, and that they would then refund the money I had spent on the original equipment purchase ($200 +/-). The system was removed from my home, and 2 MONTHS LATER I STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY REFUND!!! After about a month I called and spoke with the customer NO SERVICE representative and she stated that they had not yet received the equipment which I replied...and this is my "fault" HOW - it is YOUR technician? Her defense: that "they have no control over how long it takes for equipment to ship through customs" (can we say BUY AMERICAN), and that until it was received, my refund couldn't be processed. What was then determined was that THEIR installer hadn't even sent the equipment back yet. I "suggested" that she call them and verify they had the equipment so that they could issue my refund, which she refused to do. Additionally...they did not cancel my automatic deduction, which she said she couldn't cancel until they received my equipment back...anyone else find this ABSURD and UNETHICAL??? After too much blood pressure elevation, I asked to talk with the manager and have spoken to him on MULTIPLE occasions. "Supposedly" the check for the equipment is in the mail (two months later)...BUT my check for "reimbursement" of my AFT deduction is "being processed and should be sent in the next 4-8 weeks". If you are looking for a complete lack of Customer Service, lack of common sense, poor business model, faulty installation and an absolute HEADACHE - you have found your company. If not...CONSUMER BEWARE.


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