Alarm Force / great company

I've been in the customer service industry for over 20 years; first in hospitality then in Sales with 3M Canada for 16 years. The encounter with your company has been by far the most outstanding experience I’ve ever had. After sending in my inquiry on line, off your website, I received a call from Victor Kaushal, two minutes later. This astounded me and was delighted as Victor continued to make my day.

He was extremely professional and knowledgeable, and in five minutes indentified and met all my needs. He booked an installer, quoted me the incredible price of under $30 a month, reassuring me this was my best option for home security and protection. I was sold after only five minutes, I was left feeling entirely looked after and amazed. He assessed my situation from top to bottom, even adding in to my amazement, the option of pressing my key fob buttons to be “escorted” to answer the door if I was unsure who was on the other side – I laughed saying it was just like having a husband, but with none of the issues! My system was installed the very next day and want to write to tell you how utterly pleased I am. Robert Hepburn was on time, very thorough and listened to all my concerns customizing my application to meet my needs.

Wow... My thanks - you and your company have dazzled me.

- Larisa in Canada

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