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Alabama power / power bill

1 Montgomery, AL, United States

I just moved in to an apartment my first bill is over 200 dollars I am in a 1 bedroom alone. I am told my heat made the bill this high. I dont undertand how one thing can account for most of my bill. my father died yesterday I have no other funds an will not be able to pay my bill in full. I was told all that can is an extention for 19 days which wont help being that I am living on diisiblity I recive monthly checks. I dont understand how a a company can be so cold. I am trying to atleast pay towrds what I owe and continue to pay. this is a serious problem and I cant understand how this company has no understanding things always happen in life that we can not control thats life you know that but obviously dont care which is a serious problem because you guys know we have no choice in what company supplies us with energy. something needs to be done because your customers should mean more to you. So thanks to you guys I will be in the dark with no heat. Great to know that I risked my life for country and this is what is allowed to go on it makes you want to just give up. I pray that something will be done because your company is very cold and unfair. I would file several complaints but it will just be more wasted time off of my life for nothing.

Dec 28, 2017

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