Al Futtaimthe al gurair du outlet

The al gurair du outlet is one of the worst outle of dubai. I visited the outlet for the first time to submitting the document as I recieved a message. The system was down. Then j visited the outlet the second day t waited in line for more then 2 hours and again the system was down. Still we were waiting in thehe que after 30 minutes the system started working so they started giving tokens. The token they give to the people who were last in the que whan I askeked them they started arguing and told me that my submission will be done by token no. I waited for my turn after that they told me we have submitted the documents and it will be submitted in 24 hours. After 3 days I checked with du and came to known the process was not done. Again I went for the 3rd time to submet the documents. The staff are so rude. This was not acceptable for a company like du?

Jan 24, 2017

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