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Dear mr fahd abdullah,

I am surprised that since my email no one has responded yet or bothered to reply on my complaint logged as below. Can you please look into the below email trail and give me the feedback and comments as to how can I proceed with the rectifications works on my vehicle.

I really don’t see the slogan of afm (we care and it shows) ……..!! Through the experience I am going through.

Best regards,

Dear mr nazeih,

As you know that I have been visiting your workshop regularly in resolving the mechanical complaints I have since I have bought the car and on my 1st service. I do want to thank you for your personal assistance whenever I arrive but its very sad to say that the problems in the car are arising every week as I have just touched 10k (km) in my lx570.

With all due respect, I have talked to ms afshan as well on the problems arising in my brand new lx570 since I have bought them. Please find below the problems which are still there and more to be added in the list. I would like a serious course of action to be taken into the repair works as this is causing my time to lose (financially) and what was told to me about lexus image upon purchasing is a false on quality, service and the value I have spent.

• the wheel alignment is slowly getting out of line. The car instead of going straight on highway it slides towards right hand side, even the steering is straight. (this has been checked but when I hold the starring to go straight, the car still maneuvers to the left even driving on the straight track – still not rectified)
• while driving at constant 80km/h the car tires have wobbling feeling. Not smooth as it should be. (it was gone for some time when replaced the propeller shaft – but now it’s back as many people sit and say the same thing (this lexus is not as smooth as others – better get it checked) this is creating a lot concerns about me and what the lexus I have purchased.
• the car gear when shifting at slow speed makes a knock sound, it does not switch the gear as smoothly as it should be doing like 3rd and 4th gear. (this is getting hard and harder as we proceed, and until now not yet explained)
• the passenger dashboard wooden panel is melted and cracked as well which is clearly states what poor quality materials is used in lx570 and its hard to believe that small cars can bear the heat and this one cant. (the part has been shown to mr fernandes and requested 2 week time for replacement 1 week ago, so I will wait)
• while driving when the ac is running there is buzzzz noise comes and goes and is soo irritating while driving on long routes.
• when the car is in park position, the engine has rattling noise as if the engine is getting old and is going to shut down. Not at all lexus quality of engine.
• on side driver side mirror there was a scratch from the previous service by af technical team, and now it’s very obvious though mr nazeih did help me out, but it should be replaced immediately.
• very poor handling of any car by the service team.
• I went through the same issues from the lexus service team as before, no changes. Rather customers are complaining right in front of me too.
• very poor quality vehicle washing and team involved in the area.

Overall the suv lx570 is not at all comfortable as other toyota cars are and I am not at all happy to take my vehicle with the poor and bad service quality again and sped half of my day just trying to tell them how to driver other peoples cars and take care of it. I thought owning a lexus (as said by ms afshan) is a difference experience and a pride of joy when driving the luxury vehicle.

I kindly request you to discuss the same with the higher management and look into the issues as above and please provide me with a resolution so I have a right lx570 in a normal working condition and be happy with my investment.

I will be looking forward to your feedback and comments on the overall solution for the concerns I have been raising.
Best regards

Dear afshan,

I am not sure where to start from but I would like to express my feeling about a very poor and low quality 1st 1000kms service from ramool branch. Being a lexus customer, I was not expecting this kind of experience. Not blaming you for this part, but I have gone through waiting period of 4.5hrs, stress, dirty car delivery, unprofessional staff, ignorance and un-acceptable driving patterns of my new lx570 by your service staff.

I had gone to mr kareem before, who is so casual and un professional that he has no interest in any customers concern and his attitude is very laid back. After going through the car acceptance period (appointment was for 8:15am and turn came by 8:45am), I was told around 1.5hrs it will be completed. So I waited in the lounge. Meanwhile waiting, the car was under service, one of your technicians with grease and oil hand sat in the car and started to work on it, he touched the screed, buttons, and for sure steering as well. Now there is grease and fingerprints mark everywhere. When he was asked by team lead, why you did not wash your hands he casually nodded his head and said (so!!) this is very un acceptable for the service team. Then the car went for cleaning and there they were using cloths from some bed sheet all dirty, old, and stinks while leaving water marks everywhere on the car. Even a small car wash place have proper cleaning cloths not bed sheets. Here the car was driven by an unprofessional driver with very aggressive approach to the car, as if it’s a race car not lexus. He shifted gears like as if he doesn’t care at all or it’s a daily routine who cares?? Me and some other customers were surprised on his driving behavior as he gave the car to a yellow shirt team member for delivery.

Here I had raised a concern requesting to meet service manager, but he was in a meeting. Then the car went to some technicians again to remove the grease marks and came back for delivery without any outside cleaning and now there are some round white spots mark on the silver door handles and on door side railings as well. Now due to negligence from mr kareem, I sat there for 25mints, I approached to mr fernandes, who looked into the delivery of the car, he said due to some spray paint in the air the car has white spots on the handle, which he said he will look into it. I took him to mr merlyn and showed him his hands full of grease and dirty. Then fernandes, as a concerned staff took the matters in his hands and request for checking on the handles why it had spots. He got the spots cleaned and then got the car cleaned for delivery. By the time I left it was already 12:20pm lost my meetings and had more worries for future, that should I give the suv to them or not? Did I made the right decision on purchasing lexus 570?

I kindly request you to please forward this email to your manager and service manager at ramool branch, so me and 3 other customers like today don’t face the hurdles next time. I kindly request you to please look into the below as well:

• there is not proper role play.
• there is no tag number, or flow of information on the service process.
• when you step in to the service area, where to go first? Who will help you?
• when the car is delivered, your team member took the keys with him twice and forgot it somewhere.
• no proper hand over of car and documents no idea.
• the service team inside sitting have no clue what is happening outside upon the delivery, they don’t even bother to come out and see what exactly customers are receiving.
• call back promised, but no call back.

Ms afshan I kindly request you to please look into the details as above and I am looking forward to your support with proper response your service department at earliest possible. I hope you will do the needful and don’t make me feel regret why I bought lexus 570 and hope al futtaim motors can do better to what happened today. My problems as per my email from last week still remains and as per mr fernandes they need the car for inspection for about 3-5days, which I need to discuss with the service manager please not any service team.

Please feel free to contact me anytime, and I will look forward to your support and call back as well.

Best regards

Al Futtaim Motors

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  • Sh
      Sep 03, 2015

    they don't care and it really shows..
    very sad to tell you that this is a general problem in all al futtaim with no exception, literally all departments they don't even reply to emails or take your calls after sometime!! am talking about a managerial senior level with big names, promising things and they never full fill their commitments!!! so how can you blame mid. or juniors?!?!!!

    me owing 6 different cars from al futtaim and I go through the same nightmare every single time I need them.
    2 of the cars I have, a brand new land cruiser and lexus LS460L VIP platinum and am a cash buyer by the way spending a fortune and getting nothing but troubles in return.

    poor service, wrong people in the wrong places and pathetic standards.

    sweet talkers are not required, action people who appreciate time and customers time are highly needed.

    good luck

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