AIU Online / schools loans in excess without hands for my degree

I was charged $43, 000 for a Bachelor's degree in IT. I never had any hands on for that Degree so I basically don't know what I am doing if I got a job. They promise you a job and Harass you after getting an associates degree to get a bacheolor's then harass you about getting a Masters Degree. I was scammed out of my money for a Degree I can not use since I got it back in 2012. They also stated that the job will train me in what I need to do well no one will hire you with out the certificates which are not included in the degree part. That is a seperate bill. The A+, network security are hands on certificates that shows the job you know what you are doing. We'll I have the paper work but I still do not know what to do if I had a job in IT, because I was never taugh any hands on from AIU Online.

Feb 4, 2017

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