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Aircel / poor customer care

1 India Review updated:

I am prepaid customer of Aircel for past 15days; my sim got locked due to what i never new but when i approached customer care of Aircel Puducherry a very gentle lady there who dealt with this never cared to explain me just came up saying that i have to pay Rs.102 and get replaced my sim. And when i asked why she plainly she cannot do anything eles. I agreed for a replacement sim but during verfication she said its in the name of ANDRE fathers name and he has to come i told her my fater had passed away since a year and how could my sim be regiseted in my dads name then she had nothing to say she gave me a new sim telling it would get activated only this evening she should have told all this before this is very annoying and service is very poor if aircel is going to have these kind of u would lose good customers.

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  • Se
      29th of Mar, 2008
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    Dear sir,
    I feel aircel customer representatives are very lazy. Their response is not satisfaction to me.. When i ask with them about any doubt, only their reply is "sorry sir thre is no chance to happening like that. so check yourself..." What is this?

  • Ta
      16th of Aug, 2008
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    Dear sir,

    Am using aircel in lost 5 years resently i had buy one new aircel sim, at the time i had submit the all proof to your dealer but withot any infermation they are cut the out going calls how many times i want submit the proof? what i want to do next ? Tamil mob; 9841182132

  • Me
      17th of Aug, 2008
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    Im Menaka. I just paid my aircell bill through online and i was waiting for the transaction id from aircel, it says transaction is in process and went to registration page, it dint give me transaction id for the payment which i made...!

    I checked on my credit card with bank and the amount is deducted from my card, but it shows on ur aircel bill. I just wants to know whether u guys have received my payment. Pls reply me back as soon as possible.


  • Ne
      17th of Nov, 2008
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    A Poor customer service of Aircel

    This is my first wide complaint i made to aircel official mail id on Sun, Oct 5, 2008 at 7:17 PM

    Sub: Hi Good evening This Is A.Nelavan Lenin, Demand For Redressal of my queries for the past few months and a note about unsatisfactory customer service at aircel which makes customer annoyed. Thank you

    Dear Sir/Madam
    This is Nelavan My Mobile num 9841688564, I have been a customer of aircel for the past 4 1/2 yrs and as i was moved by the service of aircel i had to go for a cug post paid connection in the month of may 2008.

    To frank and honest starting from the first month i started up with the cug post paid connection, i am facing lot of problem, Aircel simply boast of so many millions of customers to its credit and spends lots and lots of money on advertising but i dont know why customer is not valued so much by this most reputed company which has grown to this exert only because of its customer.
    I would like to state my Problem very briefly as i am Already fed up with the aircel official.
    The major issue is that, I have en countered the problem of wrong billing & Unbilled variations which really made me annoyed at the first front end when i asked about official they bluntly made a statement that variations will the there end exact bill cannot be generated The query number for this issue as follows 15405354.
    The Second major issue that annoys me a lot is that there has never been a proper & apt responce for my query with is a specified time which really means me feel that why i should die hard with this network.
    Is trusting a reputed organistion my mistake???
    as for as the above two issues are concerned i am totally beated up and i wish i should with over to some other network but i don't like to do that because The "[Company should not loose a customer because of poor workmen]" .
    And the third issue i would like to put forth would be the [irresponsible reckless] attitude of Mr.Ramji who is Sr.Executive Revenue & Credit Control at aircel.. This gentleman doesn't ever knows how to handle a customer and i Wonder how he became a senior official in a Reputed concern like aircel.
    When i put forth my problems with a hope that he 'll solve my queries this gentleman bluntly said ["There aren't any solutions for your problem and this is the service aircel can offer and he also Insisted me on changing over other network, which i didn't wanted to do because aircel as a network was so usefull is many ways to me and Official like Ramji should be properly guided as to how to handle a customer with humility and Patience if not aircel one day will loose all its customer"]
    To the kind note of the higher official i would like to highlight that till date there are nearly 60 queries which are yet to be closet down, which i think only due to reckless attitude of the official at aircel.

    To your kind attention i am en closing with date and query number

    Sl.No DATE Query No

    1. 5/4/08 13163989
    2. 9/4/08 13199446
    3. 9/4/08 13204155
    4. 16/4/08 13319323
    5. 22/4/08 13397759
    6. 6/5/08 13517763
    7. 7/5/08 13537898
    8. 8/5/08 13544562
    9. 12/5/08 13594193
    10. 12/5/08 13594398
    11. 12/5/08 13595934
    12. 5/6/08 13913822
    13. 5/6/08 13921221
    14. 6/6/08 13928218
    15. 10/6/08 13961475
    16. 25/6/08 14187544
    17. 7/7/08 14310169
    18. 9/7/08 14341410
    19. 10/7/08 14363516
    20. 17/7/08 14488174
    21. 18/7/08 14500385
    22. 20/7/08 14532383
    23. 22/7/08 14547428
    24. 22/7/08 14553340
    25. 24/7/08 14597605
    26. 29/7/08 14641673
    27. 29/7/08 14652348
    28. 30/7/08 14654982
    29. 30/7/08 14660425
    30. 31/7/08 14665965
    31. 31/7/08 14675637
    32. 2/8/08 14694529
    33. 6/8/08 14725020
    34. 7/8/08 14737801
    35. 9/8/08 14791372
    36. 13/8/08 14867207
    37. 18/8/08 14927676
    38. 30/8/08 15125205
    39. 10/9/08 15272297
    40. 17/9/08 15405354
    41. 18/9/08 15417972 12:50pm
    41. 18/9/08 15477441 12:55pm
    42. 18/9/08 15419664 01:14pm
    43. 18/9/08 15420648 04:00pm
    44. 18/9/08 15467391 06:00pm
    45. 18/9/08 15428631 08:00pm
    46. 18/9/08 15429125 10:19pm
    47. 19/9/08 15434455
    48. 27/9/08 15542337

    Last but not least, I Would like to bring to your note that the follows up by [ Mrs.S.Devavani Umashankar Manager-Nodal Officer, Miss.Radika Nodel Officer, And Miss. Vidya Nodel office executive] also tured out futile and their promise to clear my queries was also of no use absolutely ended the follow up.
    Finally your person come over to my place on 23rd of sep 08 Mr.Mohan Who is Sr.Manager-Credit Control and Again i Clearly explain my problem which i facing in the aircel with the date and query numbers, That he also promise me to clear the query and miss Vidya [Nodal Cell] she called me on 27 of sep and she made a statement we'll call you on Monday 30/9/08 but she doesn't ever made a call, was also of no use totally follow up are ended.

    NOTE : The Behavior of all mangers in diving the organization towards total Quality
    Your's Faithfully

    A.Nelavan Lenin

    This is my second complaint

     I have started using your service from the 16 of May 2008.

    It has been days and we still have not been able to use the Mobile connection promptly because of Regular Service suspension, network coverage problem, Unbilled & Billing Variation, Wrong payment updation, Wrong billing, & etc.., it has still not been rectified. Ref my query number which I made in aircel help deck & also mentioned in our previous mail.

    The undersigned has made several calls to your help desk, but there was no proper response. We then took up with your customer service and explained the problems we face and how it affects our communication drastically to your Customer Executives, and I made a vied complaint on 25 of Oct talktoaircel in this mail id but till date we haven't received any reply from your end. The names of the Customer Executives & Officials who all we have spoken to them are as follows:

     Ms. Meera – Floor Manager [Note: I put forth my 1st query about unbilled variation and she viewed the unbilled variation in the month of July itself. But still problem not rectified]
     Ms. Anushuya - Floor Manager
     Mr. Vijay- Floor Supervisor [ Note : if I ask about my feed back, this guy bluntly made a statement ur account are all maintained by commsouth & Mr.Ramji this two persons are specially allocated to you]
     Mr. Robert –Floor Supervisor
     Mr. Ragu
     Ms. Vijaya Lakshmi
     Mr. Senthil
     Mr. Murugan – Floor Manager
     Mr. Chandrasekar
     Mr. Ramji Gentlemen Who is Sr.Executive – Revenue & Credit Control [ Special Note About Mr.Ramji This gentleman doesn’t ever know’s how to handle a customer with the proper manner and I really Wonder how he became a senior official in reputed concern like Aircel & and ‘m also thanks to Mr.ramji for giving me the clue about a wrong billing. I don’t know the exact date. When he came to my office but I still remember the conversation, Once he entered to my office he just throw the IB in my Table and he made a statement Or He insisted me that aircel bill 100% Correct & generated by computer so it’s legal document, and i verified the bill again it’s wrong in the same date I made a query in Nodal cell itself.]
     Mr. Mohan Sr.Manager Credit Control
     Ms. Radhika Nodel Officer
     Ms. Vidya Nodel Executive
     Ms. S.Devavani Umashankar Manager-Customer Care& Nodal Officer [Note : She started a follow up in the August month Reg billing & unbilled variation & follow up’s or absolutely ended in the same month I don’t know why she started the follow up & ended the follow up with out any information, And she send a feed back mail on past Tuesday, September 30, 2008 1:07 PM once I read the mail iam really wonder this mail send my official or some other? It’s totally INCOMMENSTRATED to my query which I given to official. Your people not focus on my query they are not reach me in proper way and iam not satisfied in the feed back]
     Mr. Sharath Manager Post Paid Control [Note: He is a super man. If I arrange a call back from post paid manager he call me he simply made a statement time is 7:30Pm iam in out of office I’ll call you back that’s it. Still I don’t know why he called me that day}
     Mr. Kalyan Krishnan – Sr. General Manager Operations And etc..,
    [Note: This gentleman also he made a statement to me that Duration Time variation will be there in our network (Variation time 0. to 13 min) this is Aircel and this is Aircel offer to you. Statement made on Monday, October 6, 2008, 12:52 Noon. Now could I know what’s Aircel, Official like Mr. Kalyan should be properly guided as to how to handle a customer with humility and patience]

    May I have your attention please? I wonder that I follow up those people but a single person They are not analysis about my query. Iam shame about myself ‘cause still iam your customer…

    Please note our right to inform you the attitude of your Customer Care Executives and your service incharges & Officials also in this regard.

     With reference to the above, we would like to bring to your kind attention that from 5 of Jun 08 onwards we started giving complaint regarding network coverage. For our repeated complaints there is no response from your end till date. Several calls were made almost every day and there was no proper response. We then took up the issue with your customer service at the head office and explained the problems we face and how it affects our communication drastically.

    Being deprived of the service we are put to mental anguish because of lack of communication not only between the customers and us. Our Communication has suffered considerably due to this.

    Kindly note that if the service cannot be provided to us smoothly on a every day basis and as promised by your sales staff, we would be left with no choice but to discontinue the service immediately and also reserve our right to claim damages for this.

     Hence we cannot able to wait till three months for network coverage & ect.., We have been giving continuous complaint to your customer care in this regard we have spoken to your customer care executives name also mentioned in our previous mail. Even then there is no response from your end and my outgoing line has been barred on last Friday 31st of Oct 2008 after 6.00pm. and automatically line realised on 4th of Nov 11:38:08 Am, I don’t know what’s going on. This is my service right with out information line was suspended & realised. Kindly take immediate action in this regard.

    So I Request to you provide me the Board of Directors Mail Id & Official Number or Arrange me a call back from your Directors.

    Feel Free To Call Me in My Mobile Number Itself…

    Thanks and regards


    GROUP MANAGER (Knowledge Management)

    till date problem or not solved but they people are all try to convenes the customer, they are not try solve the problem..
    they need only money from the customer,

    This is the replay i am got from the nodal officers

    Flag this message
    FW: your call
    Tuesday, September 30, 2008 2:36 AM
    Add sender to Contacts

    Dear Mr.Nelavan,

    This is with regard to your conversation with our Sr.Manager, Mr. Mohan; we wish to clarify the issues raised by you

    Query 1: line was released at 10:36am, but the bill shows a call made at 10.34am

    When the line gets released, the same is authenticated at the switch level and you will be able to make calls immediately, the variance in time updated in the system would be system specific and would differ from the switch timing. Our executive Ms.Radhika spoke to you in this regard and gave clarifications on the 19th of September, 2008.

    Query 2: unbilled call variations during different dates in the month

    We wish to inform you that we have multiple bill cycles during the month and in these bill cycle days, a huge volume of call data processing activity takes place and therefore there a delay in updation of unbilled amount. Therefore when you send sms to 54441 during this period, the response would also state the same as bill processing in progress or service not available.

    Query 3: Your call to call center being diverted

    We wish to inform you that we do not have any facility of diverting calls from the call center to any specific supervisor. Since you have had certain issues over the past few months, we felt that a dedicated officer should handle your queries, till the same is sorted out.

    Based on your query to nodal cell, on the variance of unbilled amount; we have been monitoring the unbilled usage for the month of September. We wish to inform you that there is no variance in the unbilled and the billed amount for the bill dated 26th September. Our officers and self from the nodal cell have spoken to you on the 5th and 16th of September in this regard.

    Please feel free to contact Mr.Ramji at 9841597415 or the undersigned for any further clarifications.

    We value our relation and look forward to continuing our good association.

    Warm Regards,

    For Aircel Cellular Limited,

    S Devavani Umashankar

    Manager – Customer care &Nodal Officer

    I think they are not working for a customer...

    attention Aircel post paid Customer: pls use ur limit service day to day. Check whether it's right or wrong...

  • Ne
      17th of Nov, 2008
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    So Aircel is a money making company is not a communication Center, they are not working for a customer...

    from the front end to general manger They are all equally fighting with there customer...

    They are not analys about customer complaints...

    they don't worry about customer pains & complaints ...

    Aircel Customer Care it's Running for??????

  • Sa
      1st of Dec, 2008
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    am using three aircel & three nos, vodafone connection but last few days i am too much sufferring a network problem. before received my mobile shown to me call ended & when i going to call on different no that time shows network fail. Even from today i am not using a single out going call but fifty five deducted from my account. my mobile no is 9804303197.
    Please help me to return back my losses amount.
    my another no is 9804216592/9804303196/9804172209/

  • Ad
      1st of Dec, 2008
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    Dear CC,

    On 25th Nov '08 I took a recharge of Rs.245/-, Today ( i.e. 2.12.2008 it shows " O " balance and more over I could not make a call.On that day additional recharge of Rs. 20/-(10+10) I have taken.As recharge of Rs.245/ gives 600 minutes free, I have taken this facilities .Therefore would you please check at your end and confirm me why your THE BEST SYSTEM(iS IT ??) is giving such trouble to me????????

    Aditya Das

  • Sr
      31st of Mar, 2009
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    I might be late in adding my comments on this but I too agree, the some of the customer care representatives never take ownership on their responsibility - they care about their salary not company's market but which inturn pays them that.

  • Kh
      28th of Aug, 2009
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    i have log puk code

  • Wa
      2nd of Jan, 2010
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    espected sir/madam

    hi my self shaikh abdul waheed i purchase ur prepaid aircel card to using internet connection on pc but im not satisfy because my its not connect properly 3 days i try help line number thr also does not respones call connect helpline thr just stay online resprentative help u shortly thr no one recive the call plz reply me and solve my problm my aircel mobile number 9762133814 im using this numbr in maharashtra city aurangabad 431001 my alternate number 9595335353 plz contact me and solve my problm as soon as posible

  • Ra
      5th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    @shaikh abdul I understand my friend it is quite frustrating sometimes when you can’t get a solution. Why don’t you visit the nearest Aircel store and discuss your problem there I am sure you will get a quick a effective answer to your problem…

  • Ra
      6th of Mar, 2010
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    Sir my Sim (9807815109) I live at kadri gate old birra bagh farrukhabad209625 . My Sim has been lost on Thursday 4 march 2010 So I request to you please stop all the services of my Sim .
    Thank you

  • Sy
      2nd of Apr, 2010
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    I am syed, my number is 9841230950. and I had applied for migration from postpaid to prepaid on 18th March . Guess what, the aircel team is still processing it. bloody hell.. so ###in poor service from them. I dont know whats the problem in processing it soon. Everytime i call de say within a day it will get activated. And here u go till now nothin of such thing happened. I guess they are delaying it just because they can charge me rental for these dayz. so so bad service.

  • Ra
      6th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    Have you tried to visit any of the Aircel stores, you should go and talk to them about the delay, I am sure they will help you out.

  • Sa
      15th of Apr, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Dear Aircel,

    Sub: Complaint...

    I am Mr. Manickam Kannan a bonafied customer of Aircel having mobile set with no.9941686466. I love the offers and the way you treat your customers which made me to stay with Aircel for past 3 yrs. But now am disappointed because of the service provided by your agent on 13/04/2010 at 05.30pm. I received a call from your agent from 044 66873400 this num on the above stated date regarding some offer... Like that our conversation started. Then he asked about my personal details like my name, residential address. When I replied that you may have my details as your calling from Aircel. Then he started to answer rudely. He replied that if we have your details why we are going to ask you. When I questioned for what you need these details he replied just for the offer. I asked him about the offer he in turn said about some postpaid offer. As I was in my work place I told him am sorry am not interested as of now and please call me later, but before I complete my speech. He just banged the call saying "nee vechi tholainga phone ah" in a rudely manner. As if I disturbed him.

    I wanted to bring in notice of the company that the kind of service provided by the Aircel employee was really pathetic. These cc executive should learn atleast how to behave with customers...Otherwise the word customer care executive lies fake.

    Even I handle a team in customer support and I know the in and out’s and quality parameters of a call center. And I personally dint expect this from a very good organization in which I have experienced pleasing service so far. And as a customer I like to point out this for the betterment and to maintain the standard of the company. Hope this will be sorted out and awaiting for your reply.

    Thanking you,
    With warmest regards,
    (Manickam kannan)
    Personal number (9941124199)

  • Sa
      15th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I need aircel customer care email id..

  • Vs
      19th of Apr, 2010
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    dear aircel,
    i just want to say that instead of poor service aircel has hired many executives whi so ever make fake calls and irritate the customer or uses the slang or rude language . I had received a call from number who spoke very rudely and he donot even have the manners how to speak to executive and when i asked him to forward call to supervisior he then uses bad words abt my family and said call at 2:30 am in the night, as aur supervisior will be here with us. THe number is 09858289098. Actually he made a fake calls during night time and told us that he is from aircel office and many other things. SO sir its a request please take an action against that person and please consider this application. IF aircel really wants to listen to the customer problems then they have to take action against the number mentioned above. If u consider my application then i will be highly thankful to u and may be possible that i will not forget your this kind of action. thanks sir and plz take action aginst the above mentioned number.

  • Av
      3rd of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    network problem.9851857749

  • Ja
      6th of Jul, 2010
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    sir i am jay from kolkata, Aircel customer are not satisfy me, when i ask any query they tell me i have no update u call me after 6 hr, Again after 6hr i called to customer care they tell me same .What is this ????

  • Ra
      21st of Aug, 2010
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    sir i am ranjan from chennai, Aircel customer are not satisfy me, so tell to you, please refer to me so my sim card missing.
    what i will do, i want same number please help me sir, 9551139054 this number missed

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