Airasiaflight rejection - nani

B Mar 09, 2017

This is related to the rejection of my Nanny who is from Mindanao Philippines. It took us so many pain to find someone to support our busy family here in Manila Philippines to have one. we were able to find one and booke here a flight to Manila from Davao Airport for a flight today March 9, 2017 for a 6:30PM flight.

This Nanny of ours came from the Barrios deep inside some brgy. in Davao Del Sur who wanted to give a better future for her family. given that she came from the remote brgys and barrio of Davao Del sur we requested her to get a Brgy. Clearance or Certificate because she does not have any thing obviously she is poor.

The problem is she travelled 4-5 hrs to the airport with Little money that I sent to her enough that she will arrive Manila accompanied by a family friend to keep her safe.

your check-in counter in Davao rejected her identification and I called your customer service and I was slapped by a response that as a standard people need to present a valid ID Number. what is worst they would only like to rebook my Nanny for the 11pm flight on the same date but again they will require an ID. it is already 5:00pm the airport in Davao is Miles away from the city where can you expect to get an ID this time? My nanny right now is in the airport not sure where she is the cellphone of her companion is low in battery. With no FOOD and no place to sleep. This is the worst time for a poor person to be left alone in a place where she even does not dare to go. There were security personnel and Policemen who tried to intervene and ask for Grace accept her. she only have a small bag of clothes what is the security risk there? They wanted a nicely knit laminated picture at this time?

Hello!!! Davao is a province this is a disgrace you even did not pity the poor person you in you airconditioned places of work educated and have a proper work cannot see thru the eyes of poor people? I work on a multi national place but I know how to weight things out. Just because she is poor???? I thought air Asia was accommodating but for sure I will tell people about this problem and I will make sure to put this in face Book so that everyone will know of what kind of heartless people you have in your Davao Terminal.

Again there were 2 of them by the way another person .

Destination -Manila
Origin - Davao
Time of Departure - 6:30pm
Date - March 9, 2017
Flight Details - forgot the ### of it!

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