AirAsiacancelling double booking flight

Six months ago, a group of us booked our flight tickets from Kota Kinabalu - Kuching - Sibu, then Sibu - Kuching - Kota Kinabalu. After the booking has been made, I then realized I have to be in Kuching a day before the rest of the group, so I made another new booking for my own. In the other hand, for return, I have to take the earliest flight from Sibu - Kuching, so again, I made another booking for myself for that trip, all these were happened 6 months ago.

That day, when I have arrived in Kuching, 1 day earlier then the rest of the group, I received a call from AirAsia, saying there's a double booking for the flight from Sibu to Kuching, and he is helping me to cancel one of the them and refund the fare to me. When he called, I was on the road, like I said, I was in Kuching, outstation. I didnt think properly that time what was going on actually.

Right now, I just being told to get off from the plane for AK6463. Only then I recalled what was going on. The problem is, why AirAsia is so generous now to call the passengers, to help them to cancel the double booking flight if AirAsia can see the time of departure is different. I really have a reason why I need to fly to Kuching in the morning. Right now, my whole plan has been ruined by you.

As attached is the boarding pass for Sibu - Kuching, which I've boarded and was told by by your staffs to get off the plane. For your info, this boarding pass I printed before boarding at Kota Kinabalu Airport.


May 14, 2017

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