AirAsiaairasia system glitch!!! rejecting refund!!

I had a terrible experience with Airasia. I have a flight on 04-May from Singapore bound to CEBU with flightZ2 7237 booking reference is GQ2WTR. Upon check-in the staff was unable to find my booking, i was then referred to another staff named Asri who's from the operations team. He was also surprised and have no single clue what could've caused the problem. He contacted IT dept to look into it, however, we waited for almost an hour but IT didn't come back fast enough for us to be on that flight. As the flight is getting closer and we only have 30mins left to make it, the staff gave us options to 1) wait for it to be resolved and fly fly the next day 2) buy a new ticket with the same exact dates as GQ2WTR. We chose 2nd option as Leonette who's with me in this flight have doctor's appointment and scheduled for series of lab tests. everything has been pre-planned for that entire trip and there's no way to re-schedule or delay our flight else it will screw everything up! And i'm pretty confident Airasia will take responsibility about this issue. Anyway, to cut it short, we bough a ticket worth $1, 290 SGD booking AJLQ2T just to get into that flight. Yes, this is how desperate we are!! I was told by the staff to write an e-form requesting for a refund as soon as i land to Cebe which I did. Days have passed but none from complaints/refund dept replied to me. So I followed up thru customer service and even tried their askairasia tweeter. I've spoken to several customer rep but none of them has an answer. I got a reply from the tweet though but it was unacceptable as they claim i made changes on my booking online and they will never refund any amount. This really pissed me off! 1st, i never made changes on my flight...2nd, if i did, should i receive a confirmation email? I didn't!! 3rd, I was not charged for that change!

Strangely, as they said my flight was changed. In my experience with different airlines, your booking will never change unless you pay for it. But Airasia claims it otherwise just to refuse the refund and to insist this is my fault! Even if i tried to change my flight the system should not be changed unless i completed the whole ###ing process and get to the 'YOUR BOOKING IS CONFIRMED'. But never did I reach that phase and yet my flight was changed still. How can't that be a system glitch???? C'mon Airasia, you are pushing good customers away!!

May 18, 2017

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