air7seas shippingshipment to india

I shipped my household items through Air7Seas SCAM company 5 months ago from USA to India and I HAVE NOT received my goods until today. They never respond to any of my emails, they don't pick up any of my phone calls. They never respond back to voicemails. There are 2 Fraud people who are the point of contact - Babu and Aarthy. aarthy is the salesgirl who talks nicely and sells the shipping service, babu picks it up. They inflated my charges by 100% even before the shipment left the US. I didn't bother to argue as I was busy doing a cross country moving and desperate to ship my items. I am filing a complaint with BBB as well as suing them in small claims court in CA - I am talking to my lawyers right now

Feb 03, 2015

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