Air New Zealand / poor service

I am a new zealand passport holder and wish to complian about the delays and food regarding flying with air new zealand.

1. my fligt on the 8th Septwas originally for 4pm from auckland airport but was delayed till 8pm which made the
arrival time 10pm .
In total my time sitting at the airport was 7 hours as i arrived 3 hrs prior as requested by your airline
this is unacceptable .

2. Dinner vouchers and phone cards were only issued if you physically went to the customer service counter and asked for
them and if you did not go you got nothing.

3. The food served was disgusting and what you would of expected to get on a budget airline and not Air New Zealand.

I have always loved travelling with Air New Zealand i have traveled with your airline all the way to Europe with 3 kids,

Your service has slipped quite dramaticly but your fares are still the
highest of all the airlines.

A reply in writing to the above address would be gratefully appreciated

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