Air Miles Rewards Program / rewards

only available on line, Canada

I have been collecting these waste of time air miles for years and can never get enough for a trip so I decided to use them on a "reward".
I ordered 2 thinkware dash cams. These were NOT at all what I had expected so I tried to call customer service to return them. You cannot get through to a warm body. A few days later I tried again and got a live chat. I was informed I could not return them. They do not accept returns of any kind. Are you kidding me? Who has ever heard of no returns. These do not have a screen and are not what I want. I even called the head office of thinkware to see if they would take them back and let me pay money to upgrade to the models I would like, They could not help me.

So, after many years of collecting, this is what I got, two useless devices that I wont be able to use. Again today I called air miles and again, the push button run around.

Oct 15, 2018

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