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Dear Director,

I trust you are doing well in the new year and you are in a mission to re-invent Air India to make this airlines as one of the best airlines in the world.

As an introduction, I am a small business owner in San Francisco where there are massive population of Indians in this region of California as you may be well aware of. I wanted to bring one very important situation in front of you so that you can yourself see what is going on in the airline and customer service department. I purchased on 1/8 at 6.30pm four return tickets from San Francisco to New Delhi for Feb 18th returning on Feb 26th through a third party vendor This site showed a total fair of $5361 for 4 travelers. After exactly 28 hours, this site showed us a fair of $4000 for 4 travelers, so we called this vendor and requested to adjust our fair to the new rate. Most of the American airlines will honor price adjustments within few days and in fact they will give you an extra bonus if you find better price on other sites. This vendor called Air India staff requesting them to help us, but this manager at Air India did not want to help. I spent nearly 55 minutes on the phone and spoke to a supervisor, but nothing worked, they did not want to help. Then, I called Air India, New Delhi location and talked to one floor manager called Satya, he sympathized with me and was shocked to see how the price dropped so significantly, but said since the tickets have been issued he could not help me, he just kept saying “I am sorry” at least 20 times, but did not help me. Then I sent email to call.[protected], nobody has responded yet. As a customer, it is very painful to see that booking tickets in advance will hurt us rather than help us. We have such a massive population of Indians in San Francisco/ Bay Area and everyone would love to fly direct through Air India, but the customer service at Air India seems non-existant, even managers do not help and do not want to hear the customer except saying sorry numerous times rather than find a solution for them. I was simply requesting them to adjust my payment to the new price of $4000 so that I could save $1361 which was a big amount to lose within 28 hours of booking.

I want to sincerely request you to look into this matter and see how you can create customer experience better and we all will feel that the airlines will help when we need some help, that will be the only way to win the trust and confidence of customers so that they become very loyal customers and they will stick to the airline for all travel needs. I would really appreciate if you can please look into this. I know you are a top man in the company, but I am sure you have a crew to look into these escalations. We all Indians in California want to see Air India become most successful since we are from India and we owe this to our own airlines. I am sincerely hoping that we could make some changes to make customer service pleasant experience rather than an ordeal and also take care of my current case.

Thank you for your time and kind consideration.

My booking can be found as :
Vic Thadhani
Departing SFO on 02/18/17 at 10.30AM through flight 174

~Vic Thadhani
San Francisco

Jan 11, 2017

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