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Air India / stolen items from luggage... mental harrassment by air india personnels

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I departed from TX on 14th Nov.08 to Delhi (Texas to NY - Delta and NY - Delhi), reached Delhi on 15th Nov. 08.. I didn't receive my luggage for 4 days ... thanks to Air India, When I received my luggage after chains of formalities and struggle, I found it was unlocked..and my stuff which I brought for my parents, friends and relatives were stolen from it. It has been more than a month before I reported the list of my items stolen and a claim of 400$, today I received a letter from Baggage Claim Manager Mrs Pasricha (Delhi) that they will give me 25$ as it is on weight basis not on stolen items basis.
I am student doing MS in USA University, I was going home after a span of 1.5 years, for all that time I kept on buying gifts for my parents, relatives and friends, thinking when I will go home I will give them... The AI instead of apologizing and compensating, triggered my pain, frustration and anger by offering me 25$...
WHAT SHOULD I DO OR TELL THEM?? Buy yourself some cookies for that 25$ I don't want any charity and enjoy the things you stole from my baggage...

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  • Pa
      23rd of Dec, 2008
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    I was very sad reading experience with Air India. I can completely relate with ur feelings, we take pains in picking gifts for our loved just to see smiles on their faces. Emotional value of these gifts are much more than commercial value.
    Its heartbreaking to see them taken away by unknown thugs who handle our bags. This is not acceptable and JUST NOT DONE.

    We have seen our parents take higher ground in such situations, following the approach of forget it and move forward. GOd will punish the wrong doer.

    Our generation has to act, I will sincerely urge you to fight out ur case, not for money, not for the lost gifts, but to save a future passenger from such thugs.
    Its a tough path and will need patience, just dont give up. fight it out, Keep writing regularly senior Air india and Ministry of Civil aviation to get attention.

    Just FYI, I had similar experience recently and for once I am deciding to fight, I will donating any compensation received to charity orgs.

    feel free to contact me if I could be of any help.

  • Si
      23rd of Dec, 2008
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  • Ne
      11th of Dec, 2009
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    This is just rediculous! I cant believe airport/airline employees would do such a thing. No wonder the western world hate "Indians" . I am also East Indian, but from Fiji Islands, NOT INDIA...and thank god for that...I dont want to say harsh words, but people like these who would do such a thing to their own people, or anyone for that matter is a slumdog, and that is what they will always be in my point of view!!! This is why western world say such bad things about them, because these people prove them right!!! I mean what do they think of themselves, that they are kings and queens of India? Please, give me a break, they are just thieves, they look like one, they smell like one and they ACT like one! Uppar Wala will definitely teach these unpardh gawar's a good lesson...ALL IN TIME!

    Bhavna, so sorry to hear your experience, I am going to India in 2 weeks, and a friend suggested Air India...I always knew the airlines gained such public fame ( I mean that in a negative way)!!! so now after reading these blogs, I will never step foot on an air India flight! Period...

    The woman think they are hot ### and know more than you, the men are dirty pigs, who will steal from their own daughters...and in general are in-human, selfish, lieing, sun-ofa-guns! ( I only speak of the ones that fit these categories) Not all Indians!!

    from London, Ontario, Canada
    December 11, 2009

  • Ne
      11th of Dec, 2009
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    I think they should ban Air India...Period!...why the [censored] are people paying thousands to this airline when they cant even book a ticket straight enough? And to top that, the employees bribe, steal, and harraas their customers???? I don't get it, why are they even still in business? Oh and not to mention also, the [censored]** Air Indian pilots are now getting arrested for flying while under the influence!!! Pilots drinking while you are on board, can you imagine? Imagine how much they must be drinking while up in the air flying with you on board!!! Can you imagine how these [censored]ers risk innocent peoples lives????? It's true what they say in India... "if you cant get the butter out with a straight finger...use a crooked/bent finger to do it" who else would know beter than the people who actually said it and practice it..."The Indian Citizens"

  • Aa
      27th of Dec, 2010
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    listen neera anand it is not only with air india. It is also a problem with all airlines. Infact even jet airways pilots also drink while flying. Go to google and type 'jet airways complaints'. All airlines cant provide even gud food. But air india provides with best food. If u have a problem with air india, there are many people who like that airlines. So plz u refrain from flying air india.

  • Ra
      8th of Mar, 2011
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    Jeez Neera, I think u were very angry with this airlines when you posted this.. All airlines in the east do it I guess.. but DUI is totally a criminal act!! as for my experience, AI is ok to go except for the un-responsive staff, broken electronics, (and recently heard of uneducated staff who donot allow child seats) etc.. AI is more like riding a city bus in Hyderabad, India!! See complaints for Emirates and other airlines.. same stuff.. every one steals and I think its because of the opportunity that creates it.. so its basically everyone.. Only the higher officials should take certain steps to control these robberies(chaos, atrocities).. its actually possible, unless they are also corrupted!!

    As per Bhavna, I also lost things in Emirates which are 1000$ worth.. from what I heard, we ll never get our stuff back, any travel insurance wouldnt cover the los and the people who stole your stuff are going to get away at that point in their life.. but they ll go through the same / even hard experience for sure..

    I can say the world is pretty messed up.. no security anywhere..

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