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Air India / pathetic experience flying with air india

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10 November 2008
A horrible experience, again for the same WORSE than worse airline "AIR INDIA"(AI). ([censored]g B*****ds) Please excuse my French.

Yesterday, my wife and my one year old child have traveled in Air India, from London-Ahmedabad and they had really felt the experience of how someone, presumably, is feeling while in hell.

The scheduled departure time from London Heathrow was 08:45 (GMT) and arrival at Ahmedabad at 02:40 (+05:30 GMT) but who cares about it. It was delayed for more than 5 hours and 30 mins waiting not in airport lounge but in the aircraft without a reason. (1St nightmare) There was series of nightmares.

Before that, at the check-in desk, they were told that AI will be giving a seat to my one year old child. My wife has booked the aisle seat online before hand. Once they have boarded the flight, air line crew informed my wife that they are not able to give a seat to my child and she was given not aisle seat but middle seat in a row of congested 4 seats. (2nd nightmare) Just imagine how she is going to carry one year old child in her lap for more than 12 hours’ journey. She has requested so many times to crew members but no mercy, by default.

This wasn’t enough; flight was then diverted to Mumbai before traveling to Ahmedabad for their so called technical reasons. When flight reached at Mumbai, they were again told that due to some technical problem they need to alight from the existing flight and board another flight (3rd nightmare).

When my wife asked for our Baby push chair (Pram) to return so that she can carry all hand and baby luggage with my son, they said they have already transferred our Pram to other flight via all other luggage (4th nightmare). My naïve wife has asked for some help from crew members but she got very rude reply. They said “It is your responsibility; you should not have carried all this baggage when you know that you are carrying a child”.

Now I am really worried about them as she got the return flight on 16th Jan 2009, and I don’t know what else is left to suffer when they will return back. I know if I complaint about this to AI, they will again reply with their stereotype letter and no action will be taken.

If possible, can somebody advise me, can we all file a legal suit against AI for all their mental and physical harassments towards huge number of passengers from all over the world? Surely we will get evidence from all the passengers who have faced so many problems from AI.

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  • Ba
      13th of Nov, 2008
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    I agree with Niraj's complaint. We have had awful experience dealing with AIR INDIA. It was not about money and push chairs but the way AIR INDIA deals with complaints. They don't bother reply to start with. They don't have the right attitude to communicate with customers. Instead of listening to our concerns the Asstt. Manager said oh! British Airways lost 75000 bags in three days so were not the only one who lost your baby push chair. First of all this is pathetic. Why compare with any other Air line. British Airways have also done what they could to resolve or find the bags and they communicated to the clients, apologized and did what they could. We know that no Air line is perfect, even no human being is perfect and we all make mistakes, but it really shows when there is a problem to do your best to resolve it. My argument is AIR INDIA staff doesn't take responsibility. And they are rude. They put the phone down on us many times. My wife works for largest telecom industry in service desk and she was surprise at the way AIR INDIA staff communicate. I have worked with large organizations with over 4500 employes and I never had anyone saying to me that you are uncivilized person. This what I got from AIR INDIA Asstt. Manager at Heathrow Airport.

    We got cheque from Air India today compensating the push chair and they have also paid our taxi fare now. Baby push chair costed us lot more but we are bothered to talk to them and explain them as they just won't get it. I have spent Rs. 5000-7000 worth of phone calls in India and plus called many times from here in UK and who is going to pay for it? Plus the time we have wasted on this stupid issue. I haven't got anymore time for this as better things to do with our time.

  • At
      7th of Jul, 2009
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    i just read the whole story i m sorry but it is looking more like a story only.first of allnobody can promise you a seat till you have paid full money for it.if th flight is full, how can you expect a vacant seat for your 1 year child.moreover you are complaining even if you have not booked a seat for it.if a person is so desperate to have a seat he shoud book it.secondly nobody can tell you your seat no till you checkin at the airport.choice of seats you get when you arrive airport much in advance .its on first come first serve basis.pax who come on time, checkin frst get priority in coming late with minimum choice of seats and then complaining is not acceptable.if u r so desperate for a particular seat shoud come on later u jz cant blame crew for it.n mr nightmare come in world of reality.your stroller is taken at aircraft door n can be collected at luggage belt only.there is no provision to get it at aircraft door.and its not wiht air india.same rule apllies to all the airlines.and crew cant leave the aircraft before certain formalities are completed.people like you who dont want to pay for extra baggage come onboard with heavy bags n then look for the porters (crew).we(crew) are happy to help but cant take100% responsibility of your luggage.when your wife was travelling with a baby, that too alone she shoud have carried minimum just cant blame crew for stop complaining and just go through travel tips before u travel for the next time.otherwise you will end up cribbing again.

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