Air FranceHate Air France

It was most frustrated experience with Air France. Because we change the date of return over the phone with Air France. Before the departure we did call Orbitz to conform who to call in case we need to change.The Orbitz rep told us it would be Air France and even gave us the Air France number to call. Because the Air France rep who changed the return date with told us that we can pay the changing fee before the flight we did not pay the fee at the time we changed it. After wards, I spoke to five different Air France reps. Every one of Air France reps, told us that different way to pay the changing fee. We couldn't get tickets issued until we pay the fee!!! BUT none of Air France reps were helping us. instead, we had to hold on the phone almost one hour each of THREE TIMES calls with Air France. One of Air France rep told us that we had to go to the local air port or the local Air France office to pay the fee because we had to pay the fee before the original return date. At the local Air France office, a very cold woman told us that we had to pay the fee to Orbitz because Orbitz was the who we booked the flights originally. It was a MESS!!! We call Orbitz and ask to deal with Air France take the fee so we can GO HOME!!! which they did. This is how we had to spend the end of our vacation. I don't even want to imagine that what if we didn't book it with Orbizs and we had to deal with Air France alone!!! HATE Air France!!!


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