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I have submitted a complaint directly to Air China a week ago and have yet to receive a response. The Air China member helping me at ticketing with the issue told me an email would be faster than a phone call. I am posting my original message below.


I am writing to request some sort of refund from the cost of my flight. I flew with Air China on 10 November, 2017 from John F. Kennedy International Airport in NY, USA to Hong Kong.
Confirmation number: NLB2L3 / Online refund reference: WN6U5W / Invoice Ticekt Number: [protected].

I booked my flight around summer time, June maybe? and booked the return flight for 12:50 out of JFK to transfer in Bejing. I arrived at the airport 3 hours before only to find out the flight has been moved to 15:50. I never received any information about a flight change from Air China. I waited at the aiport for an additional 3 hours to check in, only to find out that Air China did not account for the time of my transfer flight to Hong Kong. The new flight from JFK would land in Bejing 1 hour after my transfer to Hong Kong departed. Luckily, the ticket agent changed this for me before I left JFK but due to this overlook by AirChina, it took over 1 1/2 hours for me to even check into my flight in JFK. While I was waiting for a new ticket, the airline could not guarentee me the seat that I wanted even though I was one of the first to arrive for check in and was unable to check in because of this mess up. The attendant at AirChina ticketing who put me on a new flight to Hong Kong said that this flight change was made by AirChina months in advance. Normally, the customer would receive an email notification and reminders about any flight changes. I received nothing. If this flight change was really made months ago, I should have received an email confirmation and a new flight schedule also months before my flight. I have attached the only itinerary I recieved below for your reference. It indicates the expected boarding times and no changes.

Additionally, this change put me to land in Hong Kong after midnight instead of at 8:50pm.This unanticipated change cost me a lot of money and problems at work upon my arrival.

I am writing to see what AirChina can do for me for this massive inconvenience.

I will be awaiting a prompt response.

Thank you,

Violetta Znorkowski "

Nov 17, 2017

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