Air Chinadelayed plane, causing me to miss my coach. personal belongings being taken from my luggage

Hi. My name is john cage. I was flying with you fro chiang mai to london heathrow. The first flight from chiang mai to beijing flight number ca824 on 18th jan was ok. But the 2nd flight from beijing to london heathrow flight number ca937 on 19th jan. Was delayed by 4 hours. Which we had to sit on the plane even tho we could not go anyware. This delay the made me late for my coach in london. And when I explained this to the cabin crew, they said this was not their problem. So when I finally got to london, I had to pay for a new ticket for my coach. When I finally got home to my house. I opend my luggage bag, and had found a that you had been in my bag and had taken a present that I had given to me. It was a zippo lighter, but all boxed away. So was no harm to anyone. And just left me a bit of paper to say u had took it. So I would like to know ware this lighter is please. As I want it back, because it is my property. And also want to be reimbursed for the coach ticket that I had to buy

Jan 22, 2017

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