Air China / carry on insist air china to check in, and baggage delay for 6 days.

Never to fly air china airlines again!
I had a horrible bad experienced with the air china airlines. My name is fer querol and my son name is rielver querol, we are from holiday, florida. On november 5, 2016 (Flight confirmation number jet blue mthpsr and air china mdnb7c), our flight origin was in tpa to naia manila, philippines. Me and my son was travelling to philippines to visit my sick mother, diagnosed with a liver cancer. We had four check in baggage, the jet blue associate weighted our baggage, there are excess weight from our checked in baggage, the jet blue associate told us to put in to our carry on, and she advised me to get the other boarding pass in beijing, china. Our connecting flight was in jfk, when we arrived in jfk, the air china associate told us to get another boarding pass in jfk, i showed the air china associate that i have already boarding pass printed from jet blue tpa, the air china associate said that is not valid and i need to get another boarding pass in jfk. The worst thing now our carry on is over weight because it was told by jet blue to put the excess from our checked in baggage to our carry on . My personal back pack is very small also and it wont fit the extra weight from carry on and those on carry on are very important documents and some are gifts to my sick mother, the only option is to check in those carry on and charge us $110 each, its cost me $220 dollars. I was very upset, for me its like an scam because jet blue associate told us to put in to our carry on the excess weight from our check in luggage, but when we get to air china jfk we need to check in our carry on because it was over weight, if jet blue only told me that your carry on weight limit will not exceeded by 8kgs then i should leave some of the stuffs here in tampa which my wife with me during the check in process in tpa. The air china insisted that it is my fault and i should know the air china policy, the truth i dont know, even the jet blue dont know their policy too, because jet blue told me to put in the excess weight to carry on. Air china airlines have no consideration, because we are connecting flight from tpa to jfk, then jfk to beijing, then beijing to naia and is not my fault, what if we also purchase inside the airport here in tampa and will add more extra weight. They dont consider and realized that we already checked in here in tpa and air china airlines want more money for sure from us, that's the truth, they should allowed our carry on or check in with no charge because its not my fault. The air china jfk associate said, you need check in this and pay $110 each or leave that carry on here in usa or dont go to the this flight. They dont consider i have a 7 years old son with me, they gave me hard time. They are very rude.
The flight from jfk to beijing was delayed and also the flight from beijing to manila was delayed too, for any reason i dont know the only thing i heard from them was, sorry for the inconvenience. We suppose to land in manila by nov 7, 2016 (12:55am) but due to the delays of the flight, we arrived at manila by past 5:am.
Finally, for a long flight from tampa, florida to manila, philippines we arrived at manila but the worst thing and very frustrating, two of my baggages it was checked in here in tpa did not arrived at naia on the same flight. Air china manila make a report that two of my baggages not arrived, the associate said they will do their best to make sure my baggage will be delivered within 24 to 48 hours. We got in manila by nov 7, 2016 (5am +). I got an emailed by nov 9, 2016 that one of the baggage already arrived in manila and will be deliver that day, i been waiting the whole day but no one informed me what is the exact time i did emailing them but no one responding me, but they delivered around 8pm november 9, 2016.
On november 10, 2016 i did emailed air china manila what happening with the other baggage, and it was my son luggage and of all his personal belongings in that luggage, his briefs, pants, shirts, pajamas is in that luggage. Very frustrating because no one care to answer my email. My son have nothing to use, i need to buy his briefs, shirts pants for atleast for his 2 days to use only, because we are expecting 48 hours to be delivered, but the luggage took 6 days to arrived in manila. All of his personal stuffs was in that missing luggage. How can you imagine a kid going vacation and he dont have anything to use, very depressing. I was very upset because the air china associate said atleast 48 hours, but the other baggage was 6 days to arrived in manila. We have several plans too, my son suppose to go with my wife's side on november 8, 2016 but his luggage was not arrived same flight, we supposed to visit the province and its 8 hours drive, we can not go anywhere because all my son personal stuffs was in that luggage. Our vacation plans was change and it was end of terrible situation because of air china fault and no consideration. We don't go to a vacation to experience this terrible situation like this, waiting every single day when will be this luggage arrives. It was november 12, 2016 when i heard again from air china manila that my missing luggage was already arrived in manila. They said that my other luggage was already arrived in manila they delivered around 10pm nov 12, 2016. That other luggage took 6 days before finally delivered to us. Do you guys understand that this situation was very frustrating for us spending vacation to see our family. I been traveling many times and using other airlines and i dont have any issue like this. Never again to fly with air china airlines!!!
With all those frustration i was experienced with this air china airlines what will be your response? Sorry for your inconvenience is not enough!!! The two carry on was not my fault and i paid $110 each cost me $220 dollars and air china had no consideration, air china associate said its my fault. The 6 days delayed of my baggage. Air china airlines, said ' sorry for inconvenience'. The delay of our flight, air china airline said sorry for inconvenience. My 3 weeks vacation, i was sleepless and frustrated for a week because of air china airlines inaccuracy operating of this business. What is you explanation about my bad experienced at air china airlines? Sorry for inconvenience only.
God bless air china airlines!!!

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Dec 03, 2016

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