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I purchased a ticket for my mother that has terminal cancer with Air Berlin, it was a gift for her to visit me before she underwent chemotherapy. Unfortunately, her ESTA to enter USA was denied for unknown reasons and I had to cancel the flight. I contacted AirBerlin and provided proof of the ESTA denial and requested a name change so that I can use the ticket and travel to see her. Air Berlin denied me that request, so I requested a refund after I cancelled and that was denied too. I submitted a dispute with my credit card company and after an extensive investigation they closed the dispute on my favor granting me the refund for my ticket. Now...Air Berlin is threatning a cancer ill patient for $372 and I can't believe this airline is so heartless. First of all I purchased the ticket for my mother so if there is someone you need to take legal action against is me not my mother and second you people should be ashamed of yourselves.

Air Berlin

Mar 19, 2017

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