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Dear ladies and gentlemen,

my mum and I were supposed to fly on 3/6/17 from Palma Mallorca at 8.25 pm to DUS (aarival time 10.45 pm) but this flight arrived already delayed at Palma airport and then was so much delayed that an arrival in Duesseldorf was no more possible so that instead of this 5 minutes before landing the pilot informed the passengers onboard that they will land only at Koeln/Bonn airport. While waiting for the luggage none of the AirBerlin/Niki crew or ground staff showed up to let the passengers know how to come at this time to the booked airport Duesseldorf. there was at the end no information given at all to the passengers anymore and they wee all "stranded" at Koeln/Bonn airport during the night. We also had to wait even to get our luggage until 2.30 am (almost 3 hrs waiting for the luggage) and after that just left alone during the night. My mum and me called a friend of her and we were picked up at 3.15 am then. I think I do not have to tell you that this procedure and treatment of passengers of your airline is unacceptable and definitely showing how valued are your customers.
I kindly request you for a refund (89, 3 kmx0, 30EURx2= 53, 56 EUR transportation + 137, 90 EUR/1one-way-ticketx2passengers=275, 80EUR = 329, 36 EUR in total amount )now to create such a disaster for us - this would be the minimum respect you can show to your passengers.
Here are the details: flight no: HG3575 Niki, Date: 3/6/17, names of passengers: [removed]
Please refund in total: 329, 36 EUR until 30/6/2017 as apologize for creating such a chaos, anger and stress for your passengers.
Thanking you in advance for an uncomplicated and fast handling I remain with kind regards

Jun 20, 2017

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