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If you are experiencing problems with air asia airlines customer care centre in relation to refunds for re-scheduled or cancelled flights I would like to hear from you. I do not work for them. I am in the process of collecting information and evidence to bring a former case against air asia, air asia x and it's partners. They have been successfully prosecuted in australia in the past and need to be again on a much larger scale. There are numerous complaints of simular nature regarding this carrier. I invite anyone who would like to share their story to message me. Regards, steve. See profile.

Jan 03, 2015
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      Jan 11, 2015

    Dear Steve,
    It is great there are people like you out there. I am extremely unhappy and frustrated with this airline. They rerouted my booked flights from Adelaide to Ho Chi Minh in early February and return in early March for the reason that the route will no longer in operations after 25th January 2015. They rerouted me via Melbourne-KL-Ho Chi Minh and vice versa with no compensation for the travel costs from Adelaide to Melbourne. Few days later I found out this arrangement would not work and requested for refund but was refused and they said because I have chosen the option reroute and cannot change. I am so sick of this excuse, they are the one who made the mess in the first place. I can forward the email to you if needed.
    I even lodged an e-form but they also refused and I quote " we are not able to process your refund as your request does not meet our refund criteria" with no other explanations. My case number is CAS-[protected]-TH8QHJ.
    The customer service representative over the phone were really rude. I have read so many complaints about this airline, I want to see it when they are brought to justice, cannot believe they can do business like this in Australia.
    I will also file a complaint to ACCC. I hope when many people doing will help raise a flag with the ACCC about this airline and hopefully they will do something (maybe, maybe not).
    Let me know if you need more info, I would like to assist.

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