Air Asia Singapore / bad customer service

On 10Aug'09, my fiancee and myself tried to check in for our flight to Phuket. However, I was barred from checking-in because the counter claimed my passport to have 1 day less than 6 month before expiry (my passport expiry date was 9 Feb 2010). We were shocked for the rejection to board and the very unhelpful service from AirAsia. No solution/assistance was actively shown to us who have paid for the tickets! We as customers who have paid for the tickets should not deserve such a push-away attitude. We are not convinced that the "1 day less" issue can really result us from not being able to go Phuket. If it is really that critical, why the online booking never prompt for the expiry date of passport? It's a definite cheat for the our money in this case! We were anxious for wasting all the preparations we had done for this trip. However, we manage to purchase another 2 tickets from TigerAirways on the same day later at 7.15pm. Ironically, knowing my passport expiry date, TigerAirways assured me that my passport had just sufficient 6 month allowance. Finally we passed through Phuket custom checkpoint without any problem to and fro (we came back on 13Aug09 by Airasia Thailand). What a ridiculous service AirAsia Singapore had put up?! It's a cheat of our money and we demand your refund for our tickets. We'll write in to the newspapers forum if this is not satisfactorily settled!

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