Aig Valic / 401k retirement fund

Texas City, TX, United States

Doing buisness and also trying to close my account with valic has been a utter nightmare! I had to fax the correct form to them in order for them to "process my account for two-three business days to make sure I wasn't a active employee" (at a place I stopped working for almost 15 years ago?!) okay?! I'm kind of wondering why that was never communicated and it was left up to me to find out that I had money in an account that hadn't built up any interest in 15 years time? They "claim" they have your security in mind but honestly I have come to believe that they are making every excuse possible to hold onto your money or not get the money to you.
After waiting for a month for the form to be "processed" because I filled out sonething incorrectly and had to fax the same form in three times... My first check never came to me in the mail. I waited three weeks. My second check they "said they would over night" sat in their office for a week?! So I called very angry asking for my over night 25.00 I had to pay to over night ship my check... The supervisor only had the authority to refund 25.00?! Seriously? A csr couldn't do that? Working as a csr I couldn't understand why a regular csr seems to never be able to tell me what is going on with my account or be able to navigate a basic customer service screen? That's just totally incompetent to me and poor training.
I call the monday after the friday I was refunded my 25.00 and was going to see what excuse they would come up with now. Turns out after letting my over night check sit in thier office for a week they finally shipped it... But for snail mail (7-10 buisness days) honest to god what is wrong with this company!!!??
Why would you do that to someone? So I call again! Telling them I want my check overnighted and I want it now! Well, it takes a day to process a stopped check in order to print another one for some reason... Then they can overnight this third check?! Omg what?! I'm relieved and get my check in the mail this past friday (so it took two weeks to get my "overnighted check" to my address that they send all my account statements to; so they can't give the excuse that they don't know where I live.)
Today is monday, and they blocked my check I put in my account on friday! I honestly wish this company would stop bring awful jerks and just do what they promise they are sating they are going to do?! I have to wait to call them back in 30 minutes because "they're system isn't working". I honestly hate this company with every ounce of patience I have left. This is truthfully and aweful way to treat a pregnant preschool teacher. I have no idea how this company hasn't fallen with the lack of empathy and importance of policy versus their customers. That's really truly horrible!

Oct 22, 2018

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