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I made a booking on the evening of the 8th March for a hotel apartment in Dubai for the following day. After booking was complete I received email and text message confirmation of the booking. I also received a text message from my bank confirming that the payment had been made. When I got up the next morning I checked my email to see that I had a email fro Agoda fraud protection asking me to send a scanned copy of my credit card and my ID or my booking would be cancelled. I replied back that there is no way I am sending a scanned copy of my credit card and ID via email and that I will produce both at checkin at the hotel as normal. I then called the hotel and they confirmed my booking was confirmed. I checked in at about 14.50 and there were no problems. At about 17.30 I got a call from reception telling me that they had just received and email from Agoda stating that I had requested them to cancel my booking. I told reception that I had all the confirmations that hotel booking was confirmed and payment had been taken. The hotel stated that Agoda had cancelled the booking and were not going to make payment to the hotel even though I had already been checked in for nearly 3 hrs. When I checked my emails I had an email from them stating that they had cancelled my booking and would be refunding the booking amount minus 346AED as per there booking policy.
I will never use them again !

Mar 13, 2017

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