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I am truly discussed by the service I have received by this service provider .This is has arisen from and error on your behalf I had changed my banking account details notified you of the change and received response back with acknowledgement if my banking detail change .

You have recently sent me an extremely snotty and characteristic degrading email. Telling me that the debit you tried to do on my account has been rejected and you are terminating my service. All this because of an error on your behalf for not updating my account details on your system.

By suspending my service I've now run into extremely high data cost and voice call cost to your support desk.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Johannesburg, MI Trying to resolve this issue which has to date now run up an additional R580 on my cellular account.

I was informed that It is my responsibly to now pay the failed debit order costs and reconnection fee. For an error which was created by your company.

On top of all if that the member of your accounts department who was supposed to get back to promptly has not in anyway done so. This is now two days later and I'm still sitting in the dark with no way of accessing a light switch.

So to sum this all up a package that should cost me R198 a month. Has now run into R580+198+ what ever the amount may be for your failed debit orders and reconnection fees.

So basically I am truly livered discussed and appalled the service and support I have received by afrihost as a service provider.

Jan 01, 2015
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  • Su
      Apr 27, 2012 - Bad product
    United States is my ADSL provider and my contract is stating that Afrihost guarantees speed up to 4Mbps. Instead of that max download speed I was able to reach was 0.15Mbps. I contacted customer support but they keep telling me that it is probably max available speed in my region. This is false advertising at its best.

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