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Joburg , Kemptonpark, South Africa
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Good day

My id [protected] as a on going customer which really recommend afrihost for a couple of years already to friends and family.
I now dont understand what happened it seem to me every thing have changed.
I contact afrihost two weeks ago regarding my 1gb package sim what fails to connect, the technician was not able to assist. due to this reason I lost out on my data for the previous month. I continued to phone and seek assistance, I then spoke to marshello, where he advise me to buy a new sim card and that he then will link it to mtn, this is exactly what I have done. called him again and after several calls for my cost he told me the new sim also got a problem, this is when I really got frustrated. he advise that I must order a new sim what I decided to do and later cancel due to the fact that I can not see two sim cards can be problematic. then I phone afrihost again and requested to speak to a manager/director regarding this poor service of afrihost. they advise I must speak to sheldone, sheldone did call me and send me some emails but it seem to me he is also worth a "o" on a peace of toilet paper, so at this stage I still did not got any assistance regarding this matter. please see if you can wake up afrihost regarding this matter

May 8, 2017

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