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Afni, Inc / Harassment!

1 United States

This is no Joke. A company called AFNI, Inc. P.O. Box 3472 in Bloomington, Il. 61702 is a third party collections company. They buy old worthless, incorrect and often out of statute of limitations debt portfolios.

Recently, ANFI, Inc. sent out a second notice collection bill on an old phone account through Verizon California Inc. they said I owed from 2001. Note I never received a first notice. They offered to settle for half of what they said I owed, about $45.00. Dumbfounded I knew I never had any account of any kind with Verizon, so I called Verizon Cal. Inc. and spoke to Eric, Feb. 2008. He looked in his data base for my name, SS and the phone number. He said there was nothing about me in any of their files. He also said the phone number wasn't even a Verizon number. So I did a phone number search at my own expense and found out what I already knew, it was not mine.

I checked my credit reports and found in violation of the Fair Debt Reporting Act they also placed this bill on my consumer’s credit reports without ever notifying me, and re-aged it from 2001 to 2007, which is also against the law. If you receive one of these bills from AFNI, Inc. and you know that you had never had Verizon; or if it is a bill you never heard of before, check your credit reports right away.

I checked other web sites and found out a lot about AFNI, Inc. scamming people, not just a few but hundreds, thousands across the USA. I then disputed the bill by Certified letters. Also, I filed with my state’s Attorney General and the IL. A.G., the FTC, and the BBB and every web site I can to get the word out on these ###. The IL. BBB says that AFNI, INC. says it is my bill from 2001, but they have not validated it yet. Even if it were mine, it is out of SOL in California. I am not sending them one red cent and will sue them if they continue to report this on my CR or sell this worthless paper to another debt agency.

I have heard to NEVER, NEVER call AFNI, Inc., as they will capture your phone number and start calling and harassing you; AND NEVER give them your Information as they will use anything against you. For More Information on the AFNI, Inc. scam check or simply type in consumer complaints AFNI, Inc. into your search the web box. There are hundreds of complaints against these scam artists.

Only by banding together and filing reports against AFNI, Inc. can consumers shut these guys down.

Best of luck everyone!

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