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I filed an accident claim on Oct 23 with Aflac. I work for myself and I have a residential cleaning company. I was moving furniture to sweep the rugs and I developed a sharp Right quadrant pain, as I continued repetitive movement with my job the pain continued. I notified my doctor he ordered a CT scan which showed an umbilical Hernia. My doctors ordered more tests to be sure there was nothing else. When the tests returned It also showed my Gallbladder was not functioning properly. I was then sent to a surgeon. On October 19, 2017, I had Gallbladder removal and hernia surgery. My claim for the Hernia was denied. I am over disappointed with Aflac, their customer service, claims Dept and Supervisors. I have spent numerous hours on the phone and not 1 resolution. I gave them the authority to call and and my doctor if this was a pre -existing condion and if my job caused the hernia. I offered to send copies of prior Ct scans showing this is a current injury from my job. In my accident handbook Hernia is listed. I was working, moving furniture and the sharp pain developed so I contacted my doctor. You do not need to be a brain surgeon to see moving furniture can cause a hernia. It was not there in prior CT scans. This was new, it was never there and i was moving furniture to sweep. I am so tired of repeating the same words to each and every Aflac person. Some can be very rude and quick to their own assumptions. I pay my premiums on time and hernia is in the book. Once again I was on the job. I was told today after I forced the supervisor to contact the Drs office that she does not know how long this will take. Are you serious? You like your premiums on time and you claim to offer help, one day pay, claim resolutions... Maybe you need to stand by your word and understand a Hernia that was not there prior and that when a person seeks medical attention while on the job and a hernia is found it's an accident.A Job related accident. An injury from an accident that occured while on the job. The reference # is LO4WRTL Policy # is POC23839. I feel I am entitled to this claim. I am tired of aflac employees explaing to me their opinions. I am still limited because of my job. Right there key word. Job.. My lifting restricions will be gradually increased because I had a hernia. Job related hernia. Maybe your employees should become better educated & with more empathy.. Instead of being dictators who make false promises to help settle a claim

Nov 21, 2017

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