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I went to Affordable Dentures in Covington, LA. in Aug. 2017. I paid a total of $3800.00 for implant and crowns, and upon my 3rd/4th visit, the whole place disappeared.. closed down. I called the 800# multiple times and went by the office. When someone answered the phone, they took my info and said they'd call back. Never a call back! Finally I went by the office again and low and behold it was open with a NEW Staff! I was told by the NEW receptionist, Nikki, that the previous dentist, Dr. Coleman confiscated everything, records and equipment and left town!!! Someone from corporate would be in town soon to speak with me and complete the work started. Ms Nikki confirmed that they did have record of my payments. AFTER waiting for over 4 months... called to say I had an appt. with a Corp. Dentist May 23rd. In the meantime a crown fell off my eye tooth! I immediately called Ms.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Covington, LANikki, and she said they would call me back. After 3 hours, I panic and called back. She then told me there was nothing Dr Faller could do..he did not have equipment for crowns!! However, Dr. Coleman was now in Metairie, LA.. She gave me an invalid address and a false phone number. WHAT A SCAM!!! Now I have an implant and no crown, a fallen off crown, and 2 teeth ready to be crowned and probably decaying after all these months!! Wish I knew what to do.. I'm trying to retire and barely am making ends meet.. If Dr. Coleman actually did all the things she said.. why is he not in jail? Is Affordable Dentures not responsible for their work? I would like all my money back and/or have the work completed that I paid for. Ms Nikki informed me that I could get a lawyer, call the Louisiana board of dentistry, complain or whatever I like... they did not have to do anything because Dr. Coleman had my money. ???

May 19, 2017
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      Jul 20, 2017

    I'm sorry for your terrible experience and I saw a dr. Belusko in Vallejo California for a new set of dentures and it was the dr himself who had booked my appt the previous week and I had a broken off front tooth and lots of other bad teeth due to health probs however I showed up and he had no staff and no recall of speaking to me or why I was there. I've been so ashamed to even seek care yet when I do- do not treat me like dirt! He got angry at my boyfriend because he took us in a room to look at my mouth and I explained I can't do implants- my health - but need some teeth as I can only drink Ensure with chronic autoimmune pancreatitis. He then turned around to pick up his denture models available - he sarcastically said " we have buget Econ ford package, we have slightly better " Honda version of dentures and then " the Cadillac of dentures" my boyfriend about dropped his jaw on floor, I could not help being a bit embarrassed.. Then he was called away to finish another patient who was expecting rest of his teeth that Monday but was told hey- Thursday or nothing... Then he walked back to hear me say to boyfriend " he's not got any teeth here till Thursday but he assured me it was a two day job at most and then a small wait for permanent denture. When Dr Belusko overheard me say" I'm not going to wait till Thursday. He could have been nicer as my boyfriend lost those two work days Belusko said I'd need him to drive me and all. However upon hearing what I would have told him about waiting- he said " here's your coat. -The [censor] actually grabbed me by my arm to propel me toward exit. He was absolutely obnoxious and I wanted to call police because he grabbed my arm hard. He screamed like a wild man and other patients waiting were also saying they were not happy at their treatment by him. When I left or as I was shown exit- I was crying from bring grabbed and I was humiliated by treatment I got. That mean so called dentist seemed like he was very jumpy and rude and dancing around in back - I honestly wondered if he was under influence? I would not use his services had he been last dentist alive. I have now found horror stories on yelp and thank god I left.

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