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Aetna / High cost, Low benefits

1 Warwick, RI, United States Review updated:

My employer ( One of the big banks taking gobs of taxpayer money to clean up their bad business practices) switched my health insurance coverage to Aetna and I have had nothing but problems since. Aetna seems to cover very little compared to my former provider and they demonstrate a "Couldn't care less" attitude when I call to get their reasons for dening claims that the old provider covered with no questions. Since I pay just as much for my current Aetna policy as I did for the old one, ( a bit more in fact) the difference in coverage is nothing short of a complete rip-off. I have no choice in the matter as my employer offers no other option ( I wonder how much Aetna is paying for that) I strongly advise anyone with an opportunity to choose their healt care insurance provider to avoid Aetna like the Plauge! (they don't cover that either, I'm sure)

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  • Ma
      30th of Jun, 2009
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    It wouldn't be so bad if you could bypass the inconsiderate reps by asking for a supervisor. WARNING! If "Mike" from Middletown picks up when you call... call back. He's rude and refused to allow a supervisor to speak with me. He told me to "get a pen, I'm waiting, now write Mike, M-I-K-E, #A243977..." and hung up the phone. I'm a teacher and our family purchased our medical benefits through my husband, chosing AETNA. Next time we will pass. I'd rather even pay more money and be treated with respect than ever be in that position again. The way he spoke to me- he had to be alone because he was loud.

  • Co
      3rd of Aug, 2009
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    We own a sm. business and have AETNA ins. until this year we have had no claims. Of the 7 claims only one was processed correctly. All of these claims fall under the co-pay part of the policy. Every time I call they tell me it should have been paid but due NOTHING about it. To make matters worse it's time to renew our policy and they have inceased the preium ove $200.00 a month

  • Nm
      7th of Oct, 2009
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    Aetna sucks. I had surgery on my neck almost 3years ago. Now I am having numbness and tingling in my right arm and fingers. This was a symptom before the surgery. They had to put 2 metal rods in my neck. I am clearly having a problem again. Aetna denied an MRI that my neurosurgeon ordered to see what is going on. Then my rheumatologist ordered one, and they denied it also. This is just 1 thing in a long line of insurance fraud and abuse by them.

  • To
      18th of Dec, 2009
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    I have never had such terrible customer service in my life! I'm currently on Cobra and had to change my benefit plan due to a HUGE increase in price (over $200), with higher co-pays for doctor visits and prescriptions. I was given 3 other options to choose from but no information on co-pays or rx prices. Simple information right? Wrong! I talked to 3 people at Aetna and they could give me NO information on any of these plans! I kept asking to speak to someone else and same story. I must add that EVERY single rep I spoke with was rude, snarky, and kept me on hold forever! Finally, I asked to speak to a supervisor, and the rep rudely said, "Okay!" I was on hold for 20 minutes and finally hung up. Once my Cobra ends, I will try to locate another insurance company. I will NEVER pay for an Aetna insurance plan.

  • Ja
      25th of Jun, 2010
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    If your employer had the type of AETNA insurance that just has AETNA reviewing & paying claims... is it your employer's money used to pay the bills instead of AETNA's money? If it is, then it's very possible your employer is aware of all your health information including labs, diagnoses, vital signs, medications & every chart ever made on you. The employer is the "payor" and possibly has access to all of your information. It's seems wrong to alert employers of high risk / "high dollar" employees. I expressed my concerns about this and didn't get far. They claim the employer doesn't have the name of the actual employee costing them so much $$$.
    I wonder though if an employer could figure out which of it's employees has been in the ICU for 20+ days? It doesn't seem too difficult for them to figure it out.

    I think AETNA was blaming underestimating the costs of "cobra" patients for a decline in their profits at one point recently.
    Maybe they want you to cancel your cobra coverage?

    As far as speaking to a supervisor / manager... try calling:
    860-748-8186 or 210-771-0214

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