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August 3, 2011

I would like to know how you can allow an organization such as Aetna Insurance to keep their license, and fraudulently take peoples money without any consequences.

I am once again writing to tell you that Aetna Life Insurance Company has again threatened to stop my LTD Benefits, stating that THEY found I am capable of doing some sort of work, even though my treating doctor has stated that I am totally incapable of work. (Letter from my physician enclosed).

Today, August 3, 2011 I received a call from Peggy from Aetna Life Insurance stating that AETNA has determined that I can in fact return to some sort of work and they will stop my checks of $244 a month.

This is AGAINST my treating doctors orders.

For two years Aetna has attempted to stop the benefits, WHICH I AM ENTITLED TO, for my LTD, which I paid for through payroll deduction. Today, they have determined (without ever even seeing me) that I can go back to work, and they are stopping these benefits.

In March 2011, my doctor was sent a Capabilities and Limitations worksheet which he filled out, (I am sending a copy), stating in writing “TOTALLY DISBALED.”

In April 2011, Aetna tried to say they were stopping my benefits because my doctor never responded to their letter. When I told them that he did in fact return it because I have the certified letter to prove it, they suddenly found it.

In May, 2011, another Aetna Rep called me and said they were going to stop my benefits because they never received an answer from my doctor. Again, I had a SECOND certified letter receipt stating that I had RESENT the doctors answers to them.

Again, they found that they had indeed received it.

In July 2011, I received another Capabilities and Limitations worksheet from them. (This is the same exact letter my doctor filled out twice and sent back to them since March), and again they stated they did not receive it.

Once again, I have a 3rd certified letter stating that I did in fact send it to them. My doctor got to the point that he said he cannot continue to fill these out every 3 weeks for me.

I am sending you a copy of my doctors signed sheet stating in plain English, “Totally disabled from employment”, yet Aetna is now playing God and saying I can in fact work.

I am seeking legal assistance in filing a suit against Aetna.


Robert Hearn
Control # 622733


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