Aetna, Inc. / Health Insurance Not Covering Claims

United States

My complaints with Aetna health insurance range from August 2009 to present. The claims are regarding therapy services for my daughter who has cerebral palsy. I have two major ongoing problems: Aetna representatives lied to me over the phone, telling me that more therapy than the 60 days written in plan would be available once her doctor wrote in a letter, and then Aetna denied the coverage for these claims stating it was not in my policy and would not stand behind the misinformation given by their employees that led me to continue therapy and then had to pay for it on my own. My second complaint is regarding the copay amounts for the therapy sessions that we did have, Aetna has retroactively changed the amounts of the copays, and credits have been issued to me, however the amounts are not consistent and Aetna now is refusing to give me a detailing of what the copays were, or show me where in my policy it states what the copays are. They are now saying that they made a "mistake" in covering the therapy in the first place, so they are not giving me the information or further credits to make the copays consistent.


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