Aeropostale / store

North Riverside, IL, United States

On Friday 12/2017 I stopped by the store to get some clothes, while I was walking and taking a look of the clothes I hit my knee with one of those stools, they were 3 of them right in the middle with no employees around using them, it is hard to see them since there are clothes and racks everywhere, I don't think is proper to have them right in the middle with nobody using them, I had to go home since my knee hurt very bad and I wasn't able to walk very well since I barely could bend my leg, they had those stools piled up in pairs which make them heavy and very hrd, I could have fallen and hurt even worse or somebody can fall even backwards while looking at the clothing and hit the head. This happens between 7pm and 7:30pm central in case you guys want check the surveillance cameras.


May 12, 2017

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