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ON, Canada Review updated:

We lost over 80, 000 air miles. To top it, we had a qualifying transaction within the year but Air Canada / Aeroplan did not see it. So they reset the account. I have sent several reminders for the transaction but they will not acknowlAedge. They just keep saying at the call centre that they have no record. But at the same time they say it is easy to get the air miles back by buying it for around $1, 000 plus taxes and transaction fees.

Sounds like pinching loyal customers for quick money knowing there is no alternative in Canada and that most US airlines are partnered up with Air Canada in the Star alliance.

Air Canada sucks. Aeroplan sucks.

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  • Do
      Dec 14, 2009

    To my fellow victims, please join us.

    Here is the link to join the class action lawsuit:

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  • Un
      Jun 28, 2010

    AGREE with Fellow poster. This is an international problem. You are not alone!

    If you want to sign up for this class action suite you can do so online at:
    These thieves must be stopped. I lost 40, 000 points today, and only noticed when expecting to book a trip to Mexico for a family wedding, after years of saving points through business travel. Down with Areoplan!!! I will actively post everyone so you can all get involved also.

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  • Dt
      Jul 18, 2012

    Totally! I got pinched as well.

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