Aeromexico / refund promised by aeromexico airlines and never received

Orlando, FL, United States

(1st email sent on 2/15/17) Good Morning my name is Juan Ledesma,
and I am requesting that I get a refund on my flight that was scheduled on FEB 20TH 2018 airline # SZKUPV. My wife and children also had reservations. I called to cancel approximate 02/06/2018 and I was told that I could not be refunded. I spoke to a rep at Aeromexico and was told that I could only get a refund for one of 2 reasons, medical or illegal. And the reason I canceled was due to a cancellation order of deportation that was I had the pleasure of canceling my flight. Therefore I am sending this email in request of my refund. I would hate to have to report this incident to consumer affairs transportation or the aviation consumer protection agency. I paid 599.00$ and hope to get this refund. My family and I would really benefit from this refund. Please take in consideration and help me resolve this issue.
Thank you,
Juan Ledesma
(2nd attempt) I have filed a consumer complaint with aeromex regarding my 599.00$ refund. This is my second email. As I tried reaching out to someone there at aeromex for my refund. I do have proof of legal matters that I had to cancel my flight with my family. Therefore I hope this matter will be resolved with the complaint I filed this morning. Thank you...

(3rd attempt)
Sorry for any inconvenience but I have called several times and this is the exact same email that the aeromex is giving me. And when I asked to speak with a supervisor they continue to tell me that not one is available. If it is true that all calls are being recorded then i'm not sure where else or who to contact. I have already reached out out the dot consumer complaint this morning. I was just hoping to simply get my refund.

Those are 3 attempts that I have tried to reach out aeromexico to get my refund. I did have justifiable legal reasons to get my refund back according to aeromexico a legal reason for canceling my flight on a short notice is that I had deportation papers in order and my immigration lawyer told me to cancel the flight due to possible forgiveness that the my family and I will not have to relocate in mexico. I faxed my court document showing that forgiveness and the immigration allowing my and I to stay in the states. Please help me and my family get our full refund as we would benefit and appreciate any assistance. Thank you

Jul 02, 2018

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