I bought two tickets to Managua Nicaragua from San Francisco departing 8/31/2017 at 1:00 AM and returning 9/2/2017 at 11:55 AM. We had meetings with government officials Thursday and Friday, the 31st of August and 1st of September The outbound fight from San Francisco was cancelled due to
the airport in Mexico City being flooded per the Aeromexico agents at the airport. Aero mexico said the next available flight was September 2nd.
I told the agent at the airport that my meetings were Thursday and Friday and we were on a set schedule and my return was scheduled for the 2nd and there
flight would not work. The agent said they would give me a ticket for another time but I needed to call aeromexico. I called 4 times before I received a response and they said call the next day. I called and didn't get an answer until late in the day and the agent said I would have to oay a rebooking fee and a cancellation fee for the return flight. I explained that Aeromexico cancelled the flight...
In what universe is it permissable to cancel a flight and then try to hold a client hostage to pay ransom to get a replacement flight. Either the airline is corrupt or stupid or both. I have given this airline multiple opportunities
to respond but they say their computers don't work or their chat system is not functioning. I would like a full refund and an accomodation for your poor behavior.
My confirmation number is KLIWOD and my name isJeffrey Wangard.
My phone is [protected].

Sep 11, 2017

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