Advantage Rent A Car A Hertz Companydid not get a car even it was reserved 2 weeks before trip started

I bought my son honeymoon vacation to Maui, Hawaii so i ordered him everything he would need there including car rental from Hertz. When they arrived to Maui they went to Hertz to get their car. They were waiting in line for almost an hour and after all company refused to give them a car saying that it was ordered on his wife name and she did not have money on her credit card. My son offered them his credit card or cash instead but they refused to take them. After all they have to get a taxi which cost them $100 to get to hotel. Both, my son and his wife were so upset, stresed and tire that they have to go to their room and go to sleep instead of enjoining their honeymoon. First day was waist for nothing. Next day they went to Budget and get a car without any problem and it took only 10 min. Because of all stress they have to go, they missed another activity i bought for them and I lost another $208.00.

Sep 22, 2017

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