Advantage Car RentalBad experience

Horrible doesn’t begin to describe my experience. I had originally reserved a compact car online for the KC Airport. Casey at the service desk informed me that they did not have any cars in this class left (at noon). HOWEVER, for an additional $30/d I could receive what they did have remaining. I rejected the offer and was informed I would have to wait, potentially hours until the next size came in. I chose to wait. In the mean time, I was told I would have to pay $10/d for an additional driver though the website indicates a military rental would have no added charge for this feature. As I continued to wait, Casey made no attempt to remedy the situation, rather disappearing apparently for break and clearly avoiding the situation. As I was flying on military orders, I did not have the time to play around with this ridiculous situation. In the meantime, I had my husband search online for the available car pricing and found that I could get it for $10 additional for the entire week rental. I then spoke to Hussein who indicated that I would have to pay double the original quote for the next available size rental (which is a different rate than Casey quoted). When I indicated the website quoted a different price, he said I should go ahead and book it, "If its really that cheap". Offended but stranded in Kansas City, I had no other choice. My husband booked the reservation and I promptly left with a rental. Having never rented from Advantage before, I found the customer service non-existent and staff unwilling to try to work with my circumstances. If this is the level of customer service that advantage finds acceptable, its a company I will chose to avoid. Additionally, I will make sure all that I know hear about this experience so that they too may avoid such an unpleasant circumstance.

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