Advance Auto Parts / very rude

hello, My Name is Jessica Estrada, and on Friday March 10 2017, I called advanced auto parts on Monroe street ( lake ella) here in Tallahassee fl, and placed an order for 6 a/c delco spark plugs, 3 coils and wires, and two different lubs. my husband went in and paid for the order and was told that it would be ready for pick up at 10:30 on March 11th 2017. This morning my husband went in this morning to pick up out order, and Buddy went and got the order, he brought it up and my husband let him know that 6 spark plugs are missing along with one coil and the lubs. Buddy then told my husband that he already got those yesterday when he paid, my husband Jesse told him that he didn't get anyting, he was told it would all be together when get came back the next day, Buddy then told jesse, well I'm not giving you anything until the guy who took your order comes in, told my husband that he could be trying to steal more part... Jesse then asked if Buddy could please call the gentle men who took the order and payment, buddy told him that Rod the man who took payment and order, said he did indeed give my husband the part and jesse has to wait, THAT WAS A LIE. when ROD got into the store, he said he was never called, MY HUSBAND HAD WAITED IN THE STORE FOR OVER AN HOUR. ROD walked in and then BUDDY talked to him, after telling my husband, YOUR TRYING TO STEAL MORE PARTS, YOUR LIEING HE ALREADY GAVE YOU SOME PARTS, ROD GAVE MY HUSBAND THE PART AND IT WAS DONE, THAT EASY, but no instead Jesse had to be embarrassed and accused of stealing and lieing in front of other people in the store

Mar 11, 2017

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