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I want everyone to pay attention to what I have to say here — because

You could be their next victim!!!

Advance auto parts ripped me off!!!

After purchasing over 100 bucks in brake parts from their site (Online) I was promised a $50 voucher (Gift card) to use on my next online purchase.

A month later as promised, I got the $50 discount on my next order (Seat covers) but had to return them because they didn't fit my truck — I must point out that there was nothing on the online order form that posted what year, make & model the seat covers would fit. Just a listing for truck seat covers.

Ok. They didn't fit so I carefully put them back in the package and returned them — then I got no credit back!!! Yep, they literally ripped me off!!! No store credit, no gift card, no online credit, zip, zero, nada — nothing!!!

I called customer service who acknowleged that, "yes, we see you returned the merchandise but you can't have credit back because there is this clause in the fine print of the voucher discount that states if any merchandise is returned it may not be refunded or given store credit???"

Hat!!!??? Repeat this — "... There is this clause in the fine print of the voucher discount that states if any merchandise is returned it may not be refunded or given store credit?"


Until I receive full store credit for the cost of these seat covers — look out world — I will yell from the rooftops at the top of my lungs!!!

Do not do business with

Advance auto parts stores

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  • Xb
      Aug 15, 2010

    Always READ the small print. that where you will find the exceptions.

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  • Ma
      Apr 27, 2011

    I agree .Advance Auto is the biggest ripoff artist there is.I bought a battery from them for my motorcycle, and the battery leak all over my chrome exhaust, passenger foot peg and bracket, down onto my swingarm.Took the chrome right off.Cause rust in the swingarm bearings and pivot arm shaft.I went back to the store and told them about this, and they say you over fill the battery and the battery boil over.I have been a motorcycle mechanic for 32 years, and never had this happen before.They also said that the charger over charge it and it was my fault.You can ask any dealership that sells motorcycles, you use a trickle charger.A trickle charger will never and I repeat will never over charge a battery .When the battery is fully charge it goes into storage mode.I have over a thousands dollars damage done to my motorcyle.I filed a claim with them and after a month and a half of no response.I called them and they said I had no claim.They didn't even give me my money back for the battery.They said its out of warranty.

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  • Bi
      Jul 21, 2011

    Is this the way to run a business, I have been in the automotive business
    for over thirty years . I know what a warranty is and how it works but what I'm hearing Advance does not honor them at some of there locations.
    It sound like they collect there money and come up with a reason not honor the warranty, is this company policy or store policy . I have heard everything from false advertisement to lies . They do call it Discount Auto Parts is why the parts and service is so bad . When Advance warranties a part the MFG. gives them credit there for no loss to Advance . What is the motive or is it that people out there are just looking to get something for free and when they don't they complain . The person that was complaining about the seat covers, while on the surface it is wrong to do business in this way the 50.00 was a gift, you can't get credit for a gift .

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  • Ed
      Feb 25, 2014

    I had a bad experience at a store 06778. I was about to purchase 5 Quarts
    (8060029) Ralph rung me up at $36. This employee did not care to inform me that this item was on sell with the filter - a savings of $17.75. I asked him where was his customer service and this employee began arguing with me. Your motto "Service is our best part, " was trashed by this employee - "Disservice is our best part." Unfortunately that many of your employees are simply
    missing the mark that can make your company "second to none."

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