ADT Security Services / rude customer service

I called this morning inquiring about ADT after setting up electricity in my new home. The representative was fine until I told her that I was not able to pay the $44 a month. She then tried bullying me into paying for the service by telling me since I was able to finance a house that I am able to pay the extra amount for security in my home. She continued to tell me that I am able to pay it multiple times without her knowing my financial standing, or even the state of the house I recently purchased. She was rude to me and was bullying me into the service. She should never tell someone who is telling her that they cannot financially afford the service, that she knows I can and just didn't appreciate home security. I will never have ADT if this is the service I will receive. I asked her throughout about how much the service was and she would not tell me until the end. I only asked BECAUSE I HAVE FINANCIAL DIFFICULTY

Jul 26, 2018

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