Adrianna Papell / unethical behavior

United States

I am deeply disappointed with the customer service provided. I've sent an email to customer service (which has either gone unnoticed or the company just refuses to acknowledge or answer) and called customer service 3 times. I called and wrote about experiencing a glitch in the computer system that resulted in me ordering the same final sale dress TWICE – BACK TO BACK. Their system never generated an order confirmation for the first order, so I ordered the dress a second time. Panic ensued as I realized this was a final sale item and I needed to cancel the order. My email and calls to customer service took place days before the dress shipped, but customer service said there was nothing they could do and couldn't even confirm whether or not I could return the item - even if I didn't even open it out of the box! The customer service representative said that my only recourse would be to reject the shipment. That is unethical and I have someone sign for my packages, so it isn't even a solution. I asked to speak to a supervisor, but after waiting 20 minutes I hung up - the company clearly doesn't care about their customers or their time. I don't understand why the company is penalizing a customer. They couldn't cancel the order even though the item had not shipped – I called and emailed days before shipment! Assuming I can return it (which no one on their end can confirm but I am going to try) I am stuck paying the return shipping costs. I will never order from your company again.

Jan 19, 2017

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