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Adore Cosmetics / invoice 14509 tactics and product dissatisfaction and unethical behavior

1 St Louis, United States Review updated:
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I like others walked in front of this store where there was a directory of the mall right in front of their store on Thursday evening November 3, 2016 and was approached by a man from the Adore Cosmetics Store and I was offered a very small piece of soap, I believe, as a sample. I should have run right then. The man was very flattering and kept telling me what beautiful skin I have and he wanted to try a product on my face. Somehow I ended up in the store with my knees in between his knees in a very high pressure sales position. I tried to get out of the store several times but was in a very difficult situation to get out of literally. The representative kept trying this and that on my face and asking "do you feel anything" and "tell me what you feel" and the surprised expression on his face when I would tell him it was a "hot" feeling or a "cold" feeling. I ended up spending much, much much more time in the store hours in fact due to the position I was in between his knees, unable to move. I was having a lot of difficulty understanding what he was saying because the music in the store was very loud (I asked them to turn it down several times) and his accent was so very strong. He would keep telling me how beautiful my skin is and how he would love to show me what he could do to make me look like I had a facelift with their products without having to go under the knife. I am a person on a fixed income and he would keep trying to make these offers on their products and I would tell him I am not in a position to spend that type of money on these types of luxuries. He kept adding products on the sly saying he was not going to charge me for it and said that he wanted to do everything he could for me because my type of skin was so rare in his business. He kept up and kept up and I buckled finally and first thing you know I had spent over $500 ($548.05 to be exact). He didn't stop there. He was trying to push some products that were over $1, 000 and I kept telling him I could not do that due to my money situation. I was able to get out from between his knees and finally able to get out of the store by the grace of God but not before I had made the $548.05 purchase. This experience was absolutely the most uncomfortable, stressful and almost close to sexual as I have ever been in with any salesperson. I came home and I really did not like the feeling of all the stuff on my face and when I touched my face stuff was peeling off of my face. I don't use any type of soap on my face normally but that evening I used soap trying to get the stuff off of me because I felt so "dirty" from the experience and whatever was used on my face was peeling off. I normally do not carry my credit cards with me and had no one with me to divert or persuade me not to purchase anything from this store. I only had my credit card with me because of making a purchase for a friends birthday at another store in the mall. There was no mention of returns for credit only until I was getting ready to leave the store long after I had purchased $548.05 worth of product from them. Had I known their return policy before my purchase or even during my purchase I would have purchased nothing because products in the store are so expensive and restricted as to what you can purchase from there as a return. Since my unfortunate experience I have contacted the Adore Cosmetics website ( a women by the name of Nicole) and have informed her of my complaint. I was informed by Nicole not to return the purchase to the store until I received a call back from her. That was on November 4, 2016. I followed up with someone by the name of Vi on November 9 and I was assured that since I had a case # (1285) that Nicole would definitely get back to me and that since I had a case number that the 7 day return policy wasn't important and not to worry. I am not sure if this is a stall tactic or not but told Vi that I am trusting her to be giving the right information to me.

The tactics used by this merchant are terrible and should not be allowed and against the law. If you have a brain in your head you will run like the wind away from them.

Nov 10, 2016
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  • Ke
      28th of Dec, 2016
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    I was also scammed by this company. When I went home and used the products as instructed nothing happened like it had in the store. Now, my skin is having some sort of allergic reaction to these products. So disappointing and I agree it was a high pressure sales tactic. I also was trapped in a chair with one of their man consultants. Could not leave, kept saying no, no thank you but this went on for a hour. Curious if Nicole ever got back to you? I called the number today and also spoke to a Nicole and was given a case not number.

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