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Admiral Nissan / customer service

1 Black Horse PikePleasantville, NJ, United States

Admiral Nissan
400W Black Horse Pike
Pleasantville NJ 08232

Admiral Nissan does not listen to the customer when the customer asks for specific services &/or maintenance to be performed.

My 2008 Xterra is driven 95% of the time on freeways with minimum stop and go traffic. I follow the service and maintenance as outlined in the “2008 Service and Maintenance Guide” that I received when I bought this vehicle. I follow the guide that Nissan recommends for this type of driving.

Admiral Nissan has changed the service and maintenance program to suit their needs by adding items that are not called for in your “2008 Service and Maintenance guide”.

Two of the most recent problems I experienced with Admiral Nissan are as follows:

The automobile required a front end alignment. Admiral Nissan did not rotate the tires as required in the 2008 Service and Maintenance Guide. The service department person stated that he was unaware that the tires should be rotated so he did not write it the work order when I requested a front end alignment. While the service rep may have been ill-informed, the Certified Technician (mechanic) should be aware of the proper course of action. If the service clerk has a question about the service requested, he/she should ask and clarify with the lead Certified Technician (mechanic), service writer and customer as to what should be done.

My 2008 Nissan Extera required a front end alignment at 25, 000 mile. I am thinking that perhaps the front end was not correctly aligned at the assembly factory.

My last unpleasant dealing with Admiral Nissan was on February, 2010. I requested a 30, 000 mile Schedule 1 and 2 maintenance. I copied the schedule from the “Nissan 2008 Service and Maintenance Guide” and gave it to the service person explaining to him this is what I would like done. The reason I gave the service person the list of what I wanted done on the Schedule 1 and 2 maintenance is that I was informed by the Service Manager that their Director of Operations had replaced the Official Nissan maintenance program with one he wanted to use. Admiral Nissan has added additional items not required in the official service guide that cost the customer thousands of unnecessary expense over the life of the auto.

At the service on February, 2010, Admiral Nissan added oil conditioner, brake cleaner and a Micro-Filter without asking me if I what I wanted these additional items included in my requested service. This automobile did not come with a Micro-Filter when I purchased it. I was waiting in the Customer service area while the service was being performed; no one asked me if I cared to have these un-called for add-ons added to my service order.

I question the fact that Admiral Nissan has replaced your approved maintenance guide with their own version that costs the customer additional unnecessary expense. Admiral Nissan increases the cost of scheduled maintenance for the customer without informing the customer in advance. Admiral Nissan then requires payment for service before allowing the customer to review the bill. They then hustle you out of the shop so that you have no time to review the bill to see what maintenance has been performed.

My recommendation to Nissan dealers to improve my future servicing experience is to:
1.Train the service personnel to listen to the customer
2.Have the Nissan dealer to perform the service that the customer requests
3.Inform the customer if the dealer does not follow the Nissan recommended maintenance guide
4.The Nissan dealer should follow Nissan recommended servicing rather than customizing their own program
5.Allow the customer to review the bill prior to paying the bill
6.If add-ons are recommended, be ready to explain why the add on service should be done and how it will improve the operation of the vehicle.
7.Obtain permission of the customer prior to performing any nonstandard services


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